McPolin Farm in Park City

Park City has taken the admirable step of protecting a historical farm right in the city limits. The McPolin Farm, which was built in the late 1800’s, is now a great place to spend an hour exploring. It is also one of the most photographed spots in Utah.

You can’t miss McPolin Farm. As you drive along Highway 24, which connects the two parts of Park City, you’ll notice the large white barn on the west side of the road. The building often has a large flag draped over it, too.

You could take a photo from the road, but it’s much more fun to walk around.

There is a parking lot on the opposite (east) side of the road. Park there and make the short walk through the tunnel to visit the farm. The tunnel has some murals inside, so the walk is extra fun.

The tunnel is so interesting to walk through.
We really enjoyed the murals in the tunnel.

As you near the farm, there is a beautiful tree (please stay off it), a small bridge, and a chuckling stream. From there, you climb to the farm buildings. The buildings remain closed except during special events, but there are restrooms, and you can see through many of the windows. You may even have a chance to walk the McPolin Farm Trail, which is behind the barn up the hill.

This is a nice shady spot for a snack or even picnic.
There is a great spot for photos.
Some buildings have displays inside.
Be sure to look through the windows.
This is the old farmhouse.
It’s set up to look like the pioneer times.

We liked the interpretive signs that are scattered through out the farm. Signs explaining the equipment, buildings, and other displays really helped our boys have an enjoyable experience. We are so glad that Park City made the effort to preserve this special place! This is stroller friendly and a great stop for everyone.

The kids loved all the old farm equipment.
There are signs to learn about the McPolin Farm.
The smaller buildings have doors that open and close so you can see inside.

Address: 3000 UT-224 in Park City

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