Marymere Falls | Olympic National Park

The best hike in the Lake Crescent Area of Olympic National Park is Marymere Falls. This hike starts just east of the lodge at a large parking area that can fill up early in the day. There is a small ranger station and bathrooms at the trailhead.

The hike starts east above the lake and leads down to the shore. Before it actually reaches the side of the lake, though, it turns and heads under the road. A short tunnel takes you safely under the highway. Then the trail doubles back on itself heading west into the trees.

The trail begins behind the Visitor Center.
The trail walks near Lake Crescent.
Walking through the tunnel adds to the fun of this trail.

The trail runs for about half a mile through the trees, and is very flat in this section. (The total roundtrip distance for this trail is around 1.8 miles). Eventually, it comes to a wide turn in the river. A bridge helps you cross the river, and you can see glimpses and hear the falls at this point. However, the most difficult part of the hike is still ahead.

This hike goes right through the rainforest.
The signs keep you along the correct path.
Soon you’ll come to a large bridge across the river.
We spent a little time throwing rocks in the river.

When I say the difficult section of the trail, it isn’t that difficult, but it is steep. Kids can still easily climb the steps that lead to the fall, but they are steep, and there are quite of few of them. When you get to the top, you will likely be out of breath, but if you’re not, Marymere Falls will take your breath away.

There is a small wooden bridge right before you start climbing to the waterfall.
The climb is steep, but worth it.

It is a perfectly picturesque waterfall. The two viewpoints, one of which requires a little more climbing, are really spectacular. Once you’ve had a good look and taken your photos, the trail leads back the same way you came.

If you are in the Lake Crescent Area of Olympic National Park, Marymere Falls is the one must-do hike. The distance is manageable, the climb is makeable, and the waterfall is gorgeous!

Marymere Falls is beautiful.
This is the view from the second viewpoint.

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