Macy’s Candy Windows in Salt Lake City

Our boys loved visiting the Macy’s Candy Windows.

If you head to downtown Salt Lake City during the Christmas season, you definitely want to check out The Macy’s Candy Windows. Every year, Macy’s fills their store windows with large displays made entirely out of candy. This was a tradition that started in the 1970s when ZCMI was located on Main Street, but Macy’s has continued the tradition. Six different artists create these candy masterpieces.

We had so much fun peeking in the windows.

Each window has a different ornament made out of candy. The theme must have been  on Utah because they were all displaying things Utah is known for: animals, the Golden Spike, skiing, the seasons, etc. The name of the candy artwork can be found on the window. We loved seeing the different types of candy and how it was used to create each unique ornament. Some of the displays even rotated so you could see all of the sides, which was awesome.

It’s amazing to see things sticking off the candy ball!
We loved seeing the representation of Golden Spike!
A Moose out of Tootsie Rolls? Brilliant!!

We were really impressed with the amount of candy that was used, and wondered how many pounds of candy it took to create one of these ornaments. A few people even commented that all that delicious candy was going to waste because they couldn’t eat it. We chuckled a little at those comments, but agreed that it is an insane amount of candy.

Some of the displays rotated like this one!

This is not a huge display, and shouldn’t be the focus of a trip to downtown SLC, but if you are shopping at City Creek or visiting the lights at Temple Square, it’s easy to walk over and check out the displays. They are located in Macy’s store windows around 50 S Main Street.

We loved how bright the colors were on this one.




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