Lumaze Salt Lake City | A Fairy Tale Christmas

This event has not returned to SLC since 2020. For other amazing Christmas light walk throughs, check out our Christmas Activities in Utah post.

Lumaze in Salt Lake City is a new walk-through light display. This holiday light festival is filled with fun Christmas lights for great photo opps, a kids play area, live music, visits with Santa, food trucks, and more. Since this adventure is held outside at the Utah State Fairpark, it is a great spot to adventure out for the holidays, but still keep social distance.

A Fairy Tale Christmas

The main focus of Lumaze is the fun lights on display. There are large trees, candy canes, stars, ornaments, and tunnels. All of these spots make for wonderful pictures. We couldn’t get enough of the beautifully lit picture spots. There was also a large lit-up carriage with a princess sitting inside, so make sure to stop with your little princesses to take a picture.

The castle was a beautiful spot in the dark.
We loved taking photos in these cute places.
There is a large variety of lights to see.
Walking through the tunnel was fun.
There is a princess in the carriage even though you can’t see her.

We also enjoyed the unique things that they had lit up. One area had swings that you could sit in. The swings were big circles and were brightly glowing. It was so fun! Another area had see-saws that were lit up and changed colors, too. Our boys loved this!

The swings were a fun place for pictures.
The see-saws changed colors and lit up as you see sawed back and forth.

While you walk through the festival, live music is played over the speakers. You don’t have to sit and watch the show (even though that is fun, too), but you can enjoy your walk through the park and the music at the same time. There are also food trucks and treats for sale throughout the park.

Our kids were most excited for the scavenger hunt. There is a small booklet that they handed our boys when we arrived at Lumaze Salt Lake City, and their mission was to collect a stamp at each of the large glowing gift boxes. They definitely enjoyed finding the presents as we walked through the display, and they received an ornament when they turned their books in. Make sure to do the scavenger hunt when you go.

Use the booklet to get stamps in the scavenger hunt.
These are the ornaments that they earned.

Kid Play Area

There is one covered area with activities for the kids. There is a short train ride that the whole family can enjoy and they wiped the train down after every ride to prevent the spread of germs. Lumaze also has a playground that looks like a gingerbread house with some fun slides and windows. Our boys’ favorite part was the lights to jump and hop on. It looked like a large game of Twister, but with glowing lights.

The glowing dots were a fun part of the event.
There is a small gingerbread house playground.
The train ride is very short, but the engine is all lit-up and glowing.

This is also where Santa Visits happen. In 2020, the visits were social-distanced with a fence between the kids and Santa, but we still stopped to chat with him and put in a few requests.

Santa stayed 6 feet away while we talked with him.


We enjoyed this event and all of the fun activities they had happening for families. Lumaze Salt Lake City runs through January 2nd. Purchase tickets online at their website. You’ll find a secret sale code on their website if you buy tickets for M-Th and attend before Dec. 18. There is also a family pass available to help you save a little on tickets for your family.

Masks are required in 2020.
  • Wheel Friendly. The paths are all paved and flat.
  • Bundle up since this is an outdoor event.
  • Make sure you know the best mode for taking pictures at night with the lights on your phone/camera.

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