Lost Falls | Yellowstone National Park

Behind the Roosevelt Lodge in Yellowstone is a quick hike to a lovely waterfall. Lost Falls in Yellowstone is only 0.4 of a mile round trip. Though the trail goes slightly uphill, the elevation gain is not an issue. This is a great hike for kids though we didn’t take Grandma because footing can be a bit tricky.

lost falls yellowstone
The waterfall is hidden behind the trees.

The trail to Lost Falls begins directly behind the lodge. Walk around the north side of the lodge, past some old telephone booths, and head uphill to a sign for the trail. The trail splits and one path leads to Lost Falls. The other goes to Lost Lake. Head left toward Lost Falls.

Follow the trail behind the lodge up to the sign.
trail sign for lost falls yellowstone
Head left at the sign to reach Lost Falls.

This quick hike follows the stream the entire way, so we enjoyed the babbling water as we hiked. The trail is easy to follow and there are a few rocks and tree branches, but nothing that is too complicated. The walk is a slow climb, but since it is so short, you will hardly notice. Soon there is an end of the trail sign and Lost Falls appears in front of you.

The trail walks through the pine forest up to the waterfall.
Hiking in Yellowstone
Soon the trail comes up along the creek.

Lost Falls is a little hard to see since there are some tall pine trees standing in the way, but we thought that the short distance made it worth the hike. You also can’t get very close because the trail ends before you reach the waterfall to keep everyone safe from scrambling on rocks and logs. 

lost falls yellowstone
The trail ends here and the waterfall is behind the trees.
lost falls yellowstone
This is a zoomed in photo of the waterfall.

Lost Falls in Yellowstone is the perfect quick hike when you need to fill 30 minutes. We paired this trail with Lost Lake, which begins in the same place. Lost Falls is just a short branch off of this trail. So if you are up for a longer trail, give Lost Lake a try, too. Make sure to grab a huckleberry ice cream sandwich at the Yellowstone General Store next to the Roosevelt Lodge after hiking one or both of these trails. It’s a great reward after hiking. 

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