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Alpine Living Nativity

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2021)

The Alpine Living Nativity in Alpine happens at the beginning of December each Christmas season, and it is amazing. It is one of our favorite ways to kick off the holiday season. The Nativity is set up so that you step back in time and feel that you are actually part of the first Nativity scene. If you can get tickets, make sure to visit the Alpine Living Nativity.

The event was started by a family in honor of their mother who passed of cancer. The family was so grateful to the Huntsman Institute for the care they provided, that they started the Living Nativity and asked for donations to fund cancer research. We had no problem leaving a generous donation that first year after we partook of the festivities. Now tickets are required because this event has grown so popular.

The Nativity begins with a short walk up a hillside. Along the walk, you will pass shepherds, many types of animals and Roman soldiers outside the city. We loved stopping to see the camels. There are fires along the way to help you stay warm and to provide some light. Most of the event is outdoors, so dress warm.

The camel really liked our middle child.
We have been going to this Nativity since before our youngest was born!
The guards make sure everyone pays their taxes!

After you finish this short walk, you will enter Bethlehem. This area is bustling. There are many little shops with activities for kids to participate in. Our boys especially love trying out the 2 man saw, but we enjoy watching the spinners, basket weavers, potters, artisans, children playing games, leather craftsman, and more. There is always a lot to see and do inside the “city.”

Alpine Living Nativity
There are many activities to try inside Bethlehem.
Our boys loved talking to the citizens and checking out the hands-on crafts.

As you leave downtown Bethlehem make sure to stop and listen to the wise men talk about coming to find baby Jesus. There is usually a choir of angels singing as you head toward the stable. It’s amazing how peaceful this part of the Living Nativity is compared to the hustle and bustle of Bethlehem.

The wise men talk about their experience traveling to Bethlehem.
Different singers make up each night’s angel choir.

Once you enter the stable, you will see the Living Nativity. Tears sprang up in our eyes. A hush fell over the children. Our 2 year old was all eyes and stood and stared. Joseph stood near Mary, who was holding the Christ-child. He couldn’t have been more than 4 months old. He quietly looked at each passerby. It was truly beautiful and inspiring. In a way, the cacophony of Bethlehem outside the quiet stable really set the tone for the event. We do this every year because of the Spirit we feel every time we walk into the stable.

This moment is magical every single time.

Tickets can be difficult to come by. We share as soon as hear that they are available, but they usually go on sale the first week of November. So mark your calendars! Purchase $5 tickets (2021 price) on their website.

Alpine Living Nativity is at a new address in 2021. 890 N Main St. in Alpine. We can’t wait to see what the new venue is like.

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