Layton Heritage Museum

The museum is set far back from the road,
so watch carefully for it.

As I was doing some Family History searching one night, I came across information about the Layton Heritage Museum. One of my great grandfathers, John Hyrum Green, was one of the 3 founding families of Layton…who knew? So I wanted to check this museum out and see if there was more information about him and his family.

The Layton Heritage Museum is much like other small pioneer museums that we have been to visit with a focus on the city of Layton. It has old pioneer artifacts like butter churns, typewriters, phonographs, and bathtubs. This museum has a permanent exhibit that is set up to look like an old Layton street. The other exhibit rotates and is currently a focus on members of the first LDS ward formed there. There is a small room set up like an old dentists office.

The dentist’s office
Old Layton Street

A few of the interesting things that we saw here where an old car that had a mirror below. This way you could look underneath and see how the car worked. Apparently this is fascinating to little boys. All three of mine spent quite a few minutes looking in the mirror. We also enjoyed the old newspapers hanging on the wall. They are definitely yellowed, but the headlines were neat to see, such as Washington dies, Lincoln Assassinated, and other historical events. There was also a 45 star flag hanging in the front room because Utah is the 45th state/star in the United States.

The 45 star flag
The old car. See my boys looking underneath via the mirror?
Another view of the museum

This museum is small, but FREE, which is always a bonus. We enjoy visiting these types of museums and viewing the old artifacts there, but if your family isn’t much into pioneer relics you might not enjoy this museum. But who knows, maybe you’ll see your great grandfather’s face hanging in the museum.

One last tip–we drove past this museum the first time. It is directly west of Layton High School, but it is set very far back from the road. So watch carefully as you come up Wasatch Drive for a small sign that looks like the one shown below. Check their website for hours and directions.

Watch for this sign on the west side of the road.
John Hyrum Green and Susannah Phillips: founders of Layton city
There were 4 different pictures of them throughout the museum
It makes me feel just slightly important. 🙂

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  1. Peta

    Hi….I am also a decendant of Susannah Phillips who married John Green. I live in Australia and I’m sure I must have a lot of distant cousins in Utah by now!