Larsen’s Frostop in St. George

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Did you know that in the 1960s there were over 350 Frostop locations in the United States? Now there are only 13 left, and one of them is located in St. George. Larsen’s Frostop has been around since 1965, and like all Frostops, their specialty was root beer. But now, Larsen’s Frostop in St. George has a specialty drink called a Glacier. As far as we know, this item is unique to their menu. It is basically a flavored shaved ice with a scoop a vanilla ice cream. Though this seems an odd combination, it is actually really tasty! It was our favorite find at this restaurant.

Larsen’s FroStop has indoor seating and outdoor Drive-in seating in your car.
The glacier was the best thing we tried at Larsen’s.

Larsen’s Frostop has all kinds of drive-in food. We had burgers and fries, which were great. They also have a variety of sandwiches, as well as traditional items that are tough to find, like piccadilly chips. The food was also very reasonably priced. The five of us got out of Larsen’s Frostop for under $50, and that included the Glaciers and shakes that we ordered for dessert.

We tried a bunch of food and it was a all good. Typical diner type food.
The shakes and glacier were extra delicious.

Larsen’s Frostop is a fixture of St. George Boulevard. The large sign is well-loved by locals, and the food is known throughout the southern part of the state. You can eat inside, or use the outdoor drive-in and eat in your car. Stop by Larsen’s Frostop for a taste of the past. Make sure to try a Glacier, too!

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Here is a picture of their menu.

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