Lake at the Hills in Cedar City

Cedar City has a new park behind the Aquatic Center called Lake at the Hills. This is an urban lake that offers activities such as paddleboarding, swimming, and fishing. If you’ve never been to an urban pond, they are a lot of fun.

Mom just sat and relaxed while the boys splashed and swam by the shore!

Manila Creek Pond, Highland Glen Pond, and Lake at the Hills are all man-made lakes that are built right in the city. Most of these places have a nice beach for swimming. Though the sand may not be as nice a San Diego beach, it is great for laying out a towel and watching the kids play in the water. Another nice thing about the beach is that it is fairly predictable. The water doesn’t get deep to fast, and there are not really any waves. Be careful, though, as there is no lifeguard on duty.

The sand is nice, and there is plenty of space to spread out.
We were impressed with how clean and clear the water was.

Lake at the Hills in Cedar City is also stocked with fish. Though you can’t fish from the beach, just around the corner there are large rocks to set up your poles, and there are plenty of fish in the lake. We didn’t get an opportunity to fish, but we saw plenty of people reeling them in.

The swimmers stay by the shore, and the boats stay out beyond. Fisherman set up along the edge. There is room for everyone!

There are other great activities, too, including paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing. In fact, kayaks are even available for rent right at the beach. We really love these urban lakes. They provide a convenient opportunity to enjoy the beach right in your own Utah town!


Lake at the Hills is located behind the Cedar City Aquatics Center. Take exit 57 off of 1-15 and head west. Less than a 1/4 mile, turn right onto Royal Hunte Drive. You will see the aquatics center, turn on the road and head behind the building.

Tips for Families

  • Bring beach supplies: towels, sunscreen, sand toys, swimsuits, snacks, and water.
  • There isn’t any shade, so bring your own.
  • Renting kayaks isn’t too pricey, so it might be fun to try. Click here for info and hours they are available.
  • Bring fishing supplies if you are planning to fish.
  • Park Discovery is just across the street if you need another adventure nearby.

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