Knight Rider Trail | Highland Hollow

Finding a nice little urban trail always makes us happy because they are so close to home. Knight Rider Trail is technically in Highland, but you could throw a rock and hit our home town of Lehi. This nice little walk through the hollow was a great stop on a beautiful winter day.


Highland Hollow Park has several trails that were developed by the local biking club, but hikers are welcome. We walked down into the hollow from the little park lot (see directions below). Since we hiked this trail in January, we did encounter a little ice and mud, but we did the hike in tennis shoes and walked out mostly clean and dry.

There is a small parking area, and a road winds down to the bottom of the hollow. The road turns west and though there are houses and construction nearby, there is still a little solitude. At the bottom of the hill, continue west (left) until you see the bridge. Knight Rider Trail starts right after the bridge, and it is well signed.

The trail begins down this wide road.
At the bottom of the hill, go west (left) toward the trees.
Head toward the bridge to get to all the trails.
Once you cross the bridge, look for the Knight Rider trail sign on the left.

The trail leads down by the brook through the thick trees. If you are a bird-lover like we are, keep your eyes open. We saw house finches, goldfinches, quail, chickadees, flickers, and jays, just to name a few. After the trail crossed an open space and headed gently up the hill, we even spotted a great-horned owl! He was sitting in a bare tree right over the trail.

The creek was frozen when we went in January.
This trail will be pretty in the fall.
We saw an owl, which was awesome.

This trail is only a gentle 1 mile walk, and when it nears the road, it turns back on itself and parallels the stream again. It continues by a different route back to the bridge before climbing back up to the parking area. On the way out, make sure to stop by the small stick playhouse that someone has built down by the brook.

The trail makes a figure 8, so watch for the signs as you head across the open area here.
You feel like you’re in the wilderness even though houses surround you on this trail.
The trail loops back when you get to the big road. You can see how close the houses are on this hike.
We enjoyed this urban walk.

This hike isn’t like the gorgeous alpine hikes in Utah’s mountains, but it is a beautiful little walk that’s close to home. It was wonderful to find an oasis in the city much like Birdsong Trail in Ogden or Jungle Trail in Draper. If you live in Utah Valley, give Knight Rider Trail a try!

Make sure to stop at this little hut. It’s right by the bridge.
These trails are built for biking, so you’ll see some little bike ramps along the way, too.


The address for Knight Rider Trail is 10527 Canterbury Dr, Highland, UT 84003 or use these GPS coordinates: 40.423490, -111.823860. This leads you to a small parking lot. Look for the sign that shows all the different trails in the Highland Hollow. We are definitely going back to try another one.

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