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If you’re looking for a great family friendly indoor adventure, you can’t beat Kiss My Axe Utah. We spent an hour throwing various types of axes, ninja stars, and batarangs at wooden targets. It was safe, fun, and had our family members cheering one another on. We have a special deal for our readers, so make sure to check out the tips at the bottom for more info!

Family Friendly

The best thing about Kiss My Axe is that it is family oriented. Mom and Dad had a great time, but our boys enjoyed it even more! Our 6 year-old threw a few axes, but mostly he spent his time with ninja stars. They were small and light enough for him to flick and stick in the targets. Our 9 year-old enjoyed the Batarangs, which are Batman’s weapon of choice. A batarang is a bat-shaped throwing tool with a little more weight to it. Our twelve year-old spent most of his time with axes. Surprisingly, the easiest thing to throw were metal playing cards that sliced through the air and into the logs with ease.

Dad was definitely the most accurate ax thrower.
They had smaller axes that were easier for our younger boys to throw.
He loved throwing the batarangs, which are just like Batman’s!
Everyone loved throwing the ninja stars. They are light and easy to throw.

Safety First

This adventure started with a safety lesson. Our host reminded us to stay behind the throwing line, watch who was behind us, and handle the throwing objects carefully. He also instructed us how to collect our axes so that everyone was safe. We were really impressed with the folks who ran Kiss My Axe Utah. They took time to cheer on our little ones and help us be successful in our throws. They also let us choose the music!

We were glad they spent a good chunk of timing teaching our boys how to be safe while throwing.
They also taught us where to stand and how to throw the axe in different ways.
We also practiced safely removing the axes and ninja stars.

Easy for Everyone

It was surprisingly fun and easy to throw an axe. It doesn’t require a lot of force because the handle rotation will bury the head in the log even when thrown by a 6 year-old. Best of all, we felt that this activity really built family unity. Rather than competing, our boys were rooting for each other and celebrating sibling victories. That’s something we could use a lot more of our family!

We could all throw here at the same time. It was great!
There were also smaller throwing areas if you had a smaller group or if it gets busy.
We were surprised at how fast our boys picked up on throwing the axes. We also liked that they didn’t get too discouraged when they missed, which was a lot!
This would be a fun date night, too!

Tips for Families

We had such a great time!
  • Kiss My Axe Utah is located behind another building, so you won’t see their storefront from the road. There is a gap in the buildings. Drive through and there is plenty of parking near their facility. Located behind China Isle Restaurant in American Fork at 533 E 330 S.
  • There is also a Kiss My Axe Utah location in Spanish Fork.
  • If you take really little ones, make sure to keep reminding them to stay back until everyone has thrown. Our youngest, who is almost 7, needed a lot of safety reminders about that rule.
  • Have fun. Just relax and enjoy the adventure.
  • Deal: If you mention Utah’s Adventure Family when visiting Kiss My Axe on a weekday (no weekends), you can get 2 people in for $15 for an hour session, AND one FREE upgrade (ninja stars, cards, or batarangs). Our kids had the most fun with the upgrades, so this is a great deal for families!
  • If you have the Get Out Pass, Kiss My Axe is on there! A FREE 30 minute session on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 4-6:30, or Sat 10-4. And you can use it quarterly.

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