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There is a new event happening in West Valley called Jurassic Quest. We had the chance to check out this new drive-thru experience, and it was the best dinosaur experience we’ve had! Our boys love dinosaurs, and we’ve been to dozens of museums, quarries, and parks, but Jurassic Quest was the most unique. Our boys enjoyed Jurassic Quest a lot, and we know your family will, too.

We enjoyed driving under this dinosaur’s tail.

Jurassic Quest is a dinosaur drive-thru experience that travels to different sites around the country. There are dinosaurs set up all over the parking lot at the USANA Amphitheatre, and the dinosaurs move and make sounds. There are countless lifesize displays and they are in chronological order staring way back in the Triassic and working through the Jurassic and up to the Cretaceous. Since the dinosaurs are also built to be life-sized you are able to get a good idea of how large these creatures actually were.

The dinosaurs are huge.
Tyranosaurus Rex is the highlight of the drive.

The drive-thru is really well organized. The dinosaurs are in the middle of a path that allows cars on both sides. This means that they get twice as many cars through the event, so though there were a lot of visitors, we didn’t have any wait time for the event. Depending on the lane they direct you to, the dinosaurs will all be on one side. The dinosaurs also have signs by them to let you know the dinosaur’s name and how to pronounce it.

Each dinosaur has a sign by it, so you know its name.
The dinosaurs are right by the car for great viewing.
There were so many different dinosaurs.

Our favorite part of Jurassic Quest was the audio tour. Scan the QR code after showing your tickets and listen to the audio tour as you drive through the displays. The tour shares info about all of the dinosaurs and has a fun side story about the T-Rex dinosaurs that escaped. Our boys enjoyed the audio tour, and we loved that we learned a lot of interesting facts we hadn’t heard before. So don’t skip the audio tour when you visit.

The audio tour adds so much to the experience.

At the end of the drive-thru, there is the option to purchase souvenirs and take a family photo in your car if you’d like to add more to the day.

Jurassic Quest costs about $50 for a regular vehicle. Large vehicles cost extra. They also require everyone to be inside a vehicle, so people may not ride in a truck bed. We’ve been asked if this event is worth it, and we think it is. After all, we pay this much to take our family to a movie or even to dinner. Best of all, there are two codes that will help you save money when you purchase tickets online beforehand (which is recommended):

  • Weekday25 saves you 25% off on weekdays
  • Weekend10 saves you 10% on weekends.
Jurassic Quest is a great dinosaur adventure.

This event is open Wed-Sun, and only through May 9 in Salt Lake City, so make sure to visit soon. For more info on times and tickets and future locations, please visit the Jurassic Quest website.

If you missed this event, don’t worry. We have a huge post of fun dinosaur destinations in Utah.

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