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***Jump on It closed! If you are looking for a similar activity, try Get Air Hang Time in Orem.


Our adventure for today was to try Jump On It. Located on the west side of the freeway between the Lindon and Pleasant Grove exits, Jump On It is basically wall-to-wall trampolines and bounce houses.


Our boys loved playing tag, basketball, and dodgeball. There is a small climbing area for bigger kids, but we had to stay away from there (ages 9 and up). There are also three different trampoline areas. The first area is for little kids with a height restriction of 4 feet. There was a ball pit and only regular trampolines.


In the next section, there are super-high basket ball hoops and angled trampolines that you can spring off sideways. It’s also a bigger area to accommodate more children.

This is the area for older jumpers.
You can see the red area is for the smaller crowd and the blue area is for any age.
Our little guy loved jumping! He never stopped so every picture is a blur.
We had fun playing tag around the trampolines.

The third area had a rope to swing on and some ledges to jump off. This area has a small net surrounding it and is the smallest area to jump in.  Our boys enjoyed all three. Mom and Dad jumped, too, but they were worn out after every five minutes and had to take a ten minute break.

The rope swing was fun!
Our boys thought my hair was hilarious while I was jumping.

Jump On It also has some arcade games and an air hockey and pool table that you can spend your quarters on. There are a few bounce houses and a small toy area for toddlers.

The arcade area.
The toddler area.

Jump on It lets you buy an all day pass for $10 or you can pay by the hour. They also have party rooms for birthdays. For more information visit their website.


Directions: Take the I-15 and exit on 1600 North Orem. Head West and turn right (north) onto Geneva Road. Turn left (west) at the first light you come to which is 200 S. Follow over the freeway and turn right (north) onto 1550 West. Follow this road to the end and you will see the back of Jump on It. Drive around to the front of the building and park.

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