Judd’s Store in St. George

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There aren’t many stores like Judd’s Store in St. George left in the world. Built in 1908, this one room store has classic candy, vintage soda, food, and ice cream. A stop at Judd’s is always a nostalgic adventure, as it takes you back to the days of the trading post.

Judd’s has a variety of candy and sodas.

Judd’s Store is located just off the Boulevard at 62 W. Tabernacle St in St. George. Its false front dates back over a hundred years, and looks like a prop from an old western movie. Inside, the walls are lined with candies that you probably haven’t seen in years. We found many old-fashioned sodas, sasparillas, and root beers, as well. Our kids were excited to try a new soda and some old candies.

We had a hard time deciding which sodas to try.
This is more modern candy, but the bins help it feel old-fashioned.
Look at all the old candies to try.

Judd’s isn’t very large, but it holds a lot of treats. Behind the counter, there is old-fashioned ice cream. If you’re in a more modern mood, you can get a shaved ice. They also have light lunches at Judd’s. Soups, sandwiches, and nachos are available. Stopping by Judd’s Store is a trip to the past. It’s our family’s favorite treat spot to stop in St. George! If you’re looking for other fun ideas in St. George, check out our post on Things to do in St. George.

historical sign outside Judd's store in St. George
This historical marker gives you details about Judd’s Store.
Thomas Judd's Store Co in St. George
This store is quite popular.

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  1. Graham Bueler

    Hey there! Couple of fun facts for those that want to know more…Judds was built in 1911!! Store front is exactly as it was originally built, you can see the blueprints inside the shop. Also, we carry a few sarsaparillas. Again thank you, we hope that everyone can enjoy this store for their childrens children.