JC Mickelson’s Restaurant

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JC Mickelson’s Restaurant is a great family restaurant, especially for train lovers.

As part of our series of best restaurants in each Utah county, we stopped by JC Mickelson’s in Nephi. You’ve seen the signs for this restaurant on the freeway. They have a lot of huge billboards, particularly in Utah County, which tell you to eat some peanuts and keep driving to JC Mickelson’s.

We found this restaurant to be reasonably priced. The kids meals were all under $5 and the adults paid around $10 each. The menu includes traditional American food: burgers, salads, steaks, and sandwiches. The food was really delicious. Dad had a massive burger with an onion ring on it, and Mom had a Western Barbecue Burger. The battered fries were really good, too. We also tried country fried steak, which was great.

Mom loved her burger! It was delicious!
There were lots of options for the kids and all for a reasonable price.

The boys really liked this restaurant because there are trains that run all around the inside. Railways run around the ceiling and there is a large display in the middle of the restaurant. Our 5 year-old kept “going for walks” to see the trains. (Don’t worry, we went with him.) He said, “This is like the other train place!” referring to Dairy Keen in Heber.

This large area where the trains pass greets you as you enter the restaurant.
The trains drive right over your head.
No matter where you sit, the trains will pass close by.

If we had any complaints about this restaurant, it would be the cleanliness. The dining area was okay, but the bathrooms were a little grungy. If this kind of thing bothers you, you may want to find another place to eat. But we liked JC Mickelsons food. It’s a nice stop on the I-15 on your way through Juab County.

We really enjoyed the atmosphere at JC Mickelsons.



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