Jack ‘O’ Lantern Arch

The Jack O Lantern Arch

***2019–the arch is on display but there is no music show with the jack-o-lanterns this year.

We visited the Jack o’ Lantern Arch on Neffs Circle in South Salt Lake. We have been trying to catch this fun Halloween light show for a few years, so we were happy to finally see it. This show is fun because it is designed for you to walk up  and listen instead of just watching from the car. Luckily, we were there on a warm night. We walked up and admired all the pumpkins displayed on straw bales as we waited for the light show to begin.  My boys really liked that we could see both sides of the arch throughout the show.

This is the back of the arch!
The tree and extra pumpkins help add to the Halloween atmosphere.

The light show had 6-7 songs and was so cool. The arch reminded us of Christmas lights where different sections light up at different times. There are some Halloween songs and the fight songs of the U, BYU, and Utah State. We got excited when we heard the Cougar song start to play. The music is soft so it doesn’t disturb the neighbors, which is another reason to walk up close. On Halloween, it’s a little bit louder.

The owner who puts this show up came out and talked with us about the arch. He hand-carved every pumpkin on display. The pumpkins are plastic, but they were carved. The owner also said he is still adding to this display. He will put more small pumpkins in the trees and continue to carve jack o’ lanterns. He even gave my boys some light up foam toys (what he hands out for Halloween). They were super excited.

Each pumpkin is hand carved so make sure to check them all out!
The boys loved this light show, especially once they got their own lights!

This house does a great Christmas light show as well.  Read our review here. To find this amazing Halloween show: take 1-80 East from the 1-15. Exit on 2300 E. Head south. Turn left onto Neffs Lane. Turn right onto Neffs Circle and follow around the corner to the light show.

This is a great Halloween adventure!
This is a great Halloween adventure!

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