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On a recent trip to Tucson, we found the International Wildlife Museum. After a long day of hiking in the sun, this museum was just what we needed to complete our day. Inside you will find hundreds of different animals on display. Our boys love animals and learning more about them, so we really enjoyed the International Wildlife Museum in Tucson.

We even enjoyed the castle like building.

This museum has dioramas displaying animals in different settings. There are several different rooms, so we are going to highlight some of our favorites. We were impressed with how large the museum is and how many animals are inside.

One room has many different antlers, horns, and skins or furs to touch. Our boys really enjoyed this room since it was so hands-on. We learned a lot about animal adaptations since we were able to touch the horns or fur.

This room was great for kids with all of the hands-on displays.

The next room is full of birds, and if you have been following us for awhile, you know that birds are our favorite. There was a case full of different eggs where you could see the size of a hummingbird egg compared to an ostrich’s egg. We enjoyed seeing the different colored birds on display.

We love the bird room!

Our favorite room was in the middle of the museum, and it was full of many, many different species of animals. All of these animals had been hunted, but there were bears, tigers, antelopes of all varieties, giraffes, goats, and so much more. We spent a long time looking at each individual animal. There were even comfortable chairs and couches so you could sit and look in comfort. One of the highlights of this room is you can walk right underneath a giraffe.

There were so many animals in this room. Every wall was covered.
Walking underneath the giraffe is pretty exciting.

There are a few more rooms in the International Wildlife Museum to check out. One has a large animal mountain much like the ones you see in Cabela’s stores. Another has a cave to walk through and a smaller cave for kids to crawl through. The museum also has a room with insects on display. There is also a theater with different shows playing. We stopped in and watched a show about migration for a few minutes to rest our feet.

Everywhere you walk you will find new animals to see!
This is the large animal mountain.
The cave was a fun spot to explore.

One of the best parts of the museum is the scavenger hunts. They have a different scavenger hunt page for different age groups, so our boys each took a different sheet. Then they had to mark off or write down where they found the animals on the hunt. It kept them entertained, and we noticed some things we wouldn’t have normally spotted since we were searching for certain objects and animals in the museum.

For our younger boy, there was a picture scavenger hunt.
Our older boys had to write answers and do a little more reading.

The International Wildlife Museum was the perfect way to spend a hot afternoon indoors. They also have a small gift shop, and a large area with tables that might be a nice place to have a picnic lunch inside. Check their website for hours and admission.

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