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Imaginorium is no longer happening. Hee Haw Farms is hosting a new Winter Event. We can’t wait to check it out.

Hee Haw Farms is hosting a new Christmas event called Imaginorium. This Winter Wonderland is a beautiful family adventure at the farm. The entire farm is decorated and there are a bunch of activities to enjoy.

Even the tractors are all lit up.


A big part of this event are the lights on display. There are trees all over and the buildings are decorated. Even the slides and other areas are covered in lights. This makes walking around the farm magical and beautiful. Imaginorium really feels like a winter wonderland.

Our favorite part of the light display is a large straw wall covered in lights. These lights change colors, and the owners told us they will soon add animations. We loved taking videos and pictures by the light wall.

This fun tunnel is the entrance to Hee Haw Farms.
There are so many lights.
Imaginorium really went all out with the light display.
This was our favorite part!


There are 4 different slides for the kids (and adults) to enjoy. They are speedy fast, so be really careful, but they are so fun! This is where our boys wanted to spend a lot of their time.

Our boys loved that there were so many slides to try and that they had lights over them.
There were big, medium, and small slides for all sizes.

The other activity that the kids really enjoyed was feeding the animals. Every admission includes animal feed, so we were able to feed chickens, bunnies, turkeys, goats, ponies, and donkeys. The animals were all very friendly.

Next to the largest slide there was a covered area where a Christmas movie was playing. We watched for a few minutes, but mostly enjoyed walking through the farm. There was also a small Nativity on display with scripture verses behind the animals, so don’t miss it. Santa was hanging around at Imaginorium, so kids can enjoy a social distance visit with him.

The ponies looked cold, too!
There is a large Nativity by the animals, and a smaller one with scriptures.
We talked with Santa for just a second.


When we visited Imaginorium, it was windy and cold, so there were no wagon rides. But for an extra fee, you can take a wagon ride around the farm. There are also vendors and food trucks, so make sure to support these small businesses.

We drank some delicious cider and cocoa to help us warm up on the chilly day. There are cute benches all lit up to sit and enjoy your treats and food.

There are hanging benches with lights where you can enjoy your food.


Imaginorium Winter Wonderland at Hee Haw Farms is a great Christmas adventure for families. Bundle up, and enjoy a holiday night out on the farm. For more information on hours and dates, visit their website.

Hee Haw Farms is located at 95 S 2000 W in Pleasant Grove.

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