Idaho Falls Zoo

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Idaho Falls has a pretty nice zoo, and it is a great place to spend a couple of hours. This zoo has a surprising array of animals including lions, tigers, snow leopards, and zebras just to name a few. We were also impressed with the breeding program this zoo has in place.

The sloth bear was running all over its cage when we visited.

Idaho Falls Zoo is located in Tautphaus Park. The admission is very reasonable. Our family of five cost around $30. At the entrance we were given a map and shown down a shady trail toward the animals.

Tautphaus Park has lots to do, including this zoo.
There are great informational signs throughout the zoo.

The zoo is arranged by continent, with each area having a large section for birds, which are very plentiful in the zoo. There were also a lot of other interesting exhibits like sloth bears, massive tortoises, alligators, red pandas, and several types of monkeys.

There are some pretty big tortoises.
The lions were our favorite part.
This monkey kept staring at us!
The peacocks wandering around the zoo reminded us of Hogle Zoo.

The zoo has a nice circular layout, and using the map, we were able to see all the exhibits in about two hours. We could have spent considerably longer if the petting zoo and playground had been open, but we visited in 2020, which had many closures for corona virus.

We really liked this open bird section.
There were lots of birds and turtles, too.
We enjoyed all the exhibits at the Idaho Falls Zoo.
Watch out for the snow leopard!

Eastern Idaho is lucky to have such an amazing zoo! We were pleasantly surprised at much fun we had, and how many animals we saw. If you’re in Idaho Falls, give it a visit! Check their website for hours and pricing.

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