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Ice Cream

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2014)

We have a love for good vanilla ice cream cones. It is one of our favorite treats. Quite often for family night, we end up somewhere eating ice cream. Here are a few comments about where we love to go for ice cream.

Maceys Grocery Store: We couldn’t have been happier when they put in a store right here in Lehi. No more driving to Pleasant Grove for us. Maceys has good ice cream and the best part — it’s really cheap. You can get a large cone for 99 cents and it is pretty large. We also like to go here because it’s close.

JCWs: Best ice cream ever! We love these cones. For $1 you get a good size cone and it is the creamiest vanilla ice cream. We also love their shakes, and they are big enough that you can eat them for two nights or share.

Cold Stone: Mom loves to head to Cold Stone and get a mix of chocolate ice cream and brownies and chocolate syrup, especially after a long day. Dad has a hard time at Cold Stone because he just wants that good plain vanilla cone, and he feels like he gets talked into ordering ice cream with lots of different things mixed in that he doesn’t want. So if you want fun combos, head here. You might see us if we get a gift card from one of Dad’s students.

Maggie Moos: This is a lot like Cold Stone. It is closer to our house in American Fork, and the boys love getting blue ice cream here.

Where do you like to get ice cream? Any good ideas?

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  • Umm… so we wanted to take your advice and stuff, but.. Maggie Moo’s has gone out of business, ya know, It like Mooved out. Mark Doovall

  • Mark loves Sub Zero in PG. They use nitrogen to mix it when you order, which supposedly means it’s the freshest of the fresh. There are mix-ins, if you want. Or you can just have it plain. They also have custard, which is HEAVEN. We always go there on our way home from the Temple. Yum!