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The Hot Spot Drive In in Salina

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As part of our Utah County Restaurants series, we are featuring our favorite food in every county. Recently we visited Sevier County and stopped at The Hot Spot in Salina.

The Hot Spot is a fast food restaurant with outdoor seating. It serves burgers, fries, and shakes. It is also famous for a chicken taco. The chicken taco was delicious and very filling. Mom was a huge fan, and already wants another. The chicken was breaded and wrapped with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and sauce.

Everything we ate was delicious!
Mom loved the chicken taco. She wants to go back for another one!

The best thing at The Hot Spot are the handcut French fries. They are fresh and fried just right. The burger patties were nice, too, and the double bacon cheeseburger really hit the spot. We especially loved the onion rings. They were amazing! At the end, we got baby cones for 50 cents for the kids and mom. Each day they have a different sherbet flavor, and when we were there it was Rock-and-Roll. It was some combination of fruits that was delicious. Dad enjoyed a banana brownie shake that he gave two thumbs up.

The hamburger was cooked perfectly.
50 cents for baby cones is just the right price!
Dad splurged on the shake, and was so glad the brownie was nice and soft.
We aren’t big soda drinkers, but they had quite a variety of soda mix options.

We stopped at the Hot Spot on Memorial Day and there were a steady flow of customers. Still, the food came hot, fast, and delicious. Everyone was helpful and friendly and wore a big smile.

We also had fun doing the word search on the window while we waited for our food.

The Hot Spot is well-priced and our food with ice cream came to around $35 for all five of us (of course, that’s includes 3 kid’s meals and kid’s ice cream). We love finding spots that aren’t too pricey, but that help everyone eat a good meal. This one is another small town restaurant worth the stop!

The Hot Spot was a great little drive-in.
Here’s the menu. There are lots of choices on the kids’ menu, which is always a plus!


The Hot Spot is located at 115 W Main Street in Salina, UT which is a few minutes off exit 56 on I-70.

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