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Home Depot Kids Workshops

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)
Waiting to pick up our kits.

On the first Saturday of each month, Home Depot hosts Kids Workshops at their stores for FREE. They have a project for kids to build with the help of a parent. They hand out kits from 9-12 pm.

When you arrive at Home Depot, they will give your child their own apron to protect their clothes. They are supposed to keep this apron and bring it back every time they come to a Kids Workshop. Next, they give your child a kit. This time they were building wooden riding lawnmowers. So we took our three boys ages 7, 5, and almost 2 over to the table and started to build. They had all the supplies set our for us to use: wood glue, screwdrivers, and hammers.

All the supplies are right on the table.

The kit was simple and even our almost 2 year old could help hammer in nails and glue things onto his lawnmower. It took us about 20 minutes to put the kits together. Once you are done with your project, you go back to the table where you checked in and they give your child a pin for completing a project. This was our first pin, but I saw children there were a ton of pins on their aprons.

We had so much fun working together. We can’t wait to go again. I noticed a lot of boys in their Cub Scout uniforms. This is great activity to help those Cub Scouts pass off some of their requirements.

Home Depot asks that you register at the store you are planning to attend so they are prepared with enough kits, but this is a free activity. You can register here. Make sure to pick your local store when you register.

It was busy, but there was enough space for everyone.
Dad helped a little, but the boys could mostly build the riding lawnmower.
All done!


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  • My kids love this! We haven’t done it in years though… Since Isaac was born, because wrangling 3 kids on my own, one being a busy toddler is not my idea of fun! But, now he’s the perfect age, huh?! Yay for another fun activity!