Home Depot Kids Workshops

Home Depot Kids Workshops are now meeting back in person. Hooray! There are a few different options to enjoy this fun adventure. You can build your kit in the store on the first Saturday of the month like we did before. Or now they allow you to pick up kits at your local Home Depot to complete at home for FREE on the first Saturday of the month. There is also a third option to order them online for $5. We love these simple wood kits that help our kids learn how to use a hammer and follow instructions.

kids holding wooden lawnmowers built at Home Depot
So proud of their lawnmowers!

On the first Saturday of each month, Home Depot hosts Kids Workshops at their stores for FREE. They have a project for kids to build with the help of a parent. They hand out kits from 9-12 pm. Some stores require registration, so make sure to check with your local store.

Building in Person

Make sure to arrive early to the Kids Workshop because sometimes they run out of kits. Every child receives their own apron to protect their clothes. Hold on to the apron and bring it back next time. After you check in, they give your child a kit. Each month has a different kit to build. Then head over to the tables that are set up and start to put the kit together. The store has all the supplies set out to use: wood glue, screwdrivers, and hammers.

Kids using hammers and wood glue to put together a kit
All of the supplies are there for you to use.

All of the kits are simple and even our 2 year olds have used hammers and nails to build the Home Depot Kid Workshop Kits. We usually spend about 20-30 minutes putting kits together. Once you are done with your project, show the helpers your project and they will give you a pin. Kids love to keep the pins on their aprons, and we always see children there with a ton of pins!

We like to take the projects home and paint or decorate them with markers and stickers. Sometimes the store will have paint available, but if we take it home we don’t need to wait for the project to dry.

Most of the time the workshops are inside, but in the summer they like to spread out outside.
Dad helping child put a piece on his wooden kit
Dad is a good helper.

Other Options

Home Depot also allows you to pick up your kids and take them home. This option is still FREE. You can pick up kits at the customer service desk or at the station area on the first Saturday of the month in the morning. Most stores usually hand them out from 9:00-Noon, but you should check with your local Home Depot.

Once you have your kit, you can take it home to build as a family. Make sure you have a hammer and glue around. Our boys have enjoyed building at home because then we can paint and add fun decorations that aren’t provided in the store.

If you miss the window for picking up the free kits, you can order them online, but they cost $5 each. Here are the remaining dates and projects for 2022, and a sneak peek at the January kit. Put these dates on your calendar, so you don’t miss any Kid Workshops. You can register here.

  • November 5th (Scarecrow Napkin Holder)
  • November 26th (Train Ornament)
  • December 3rd (Santa Letter Mailbox)
  • January 7, 2023 (Snowball game

Guess what? Lowe’s also offers free kits for kids to build. They have different pick up dates and rules, so visit their website for details. We are going to add Lowe’s kids workshops to our list this year to try.


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  1. angee

    My kids love this! We haven’t done it in years though… Since Isaac was born, because wrangling 3 kids on my own, one being a busy toddler is not my idea of fun! But, now he’s the perfect age, huh?! Yay for another fun activity!