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Holdman Lights 2011

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2016)

We were so excited to see the Holdman Christmas light display this year. This is one of our favorite light shows to visit, partially because it is free, but mostly because it is so amazing. We love the upbeat music and how the lights are timed to the beat. When I looked up the lights to see the schedule, I saw that he had moved the lights to a mall–Valley Fair Mall in West Salt Lake. I was slightly disappointed because that meant a 40 minute drive, but I figured it was worth it. So we headed up to the mall to watch the lights.

Unfortunately, it was not what we expected. The light display was there, but the lights were changing every now and then, and there was canned mall Christmas music playing in the background. We were so sad. So we let the kids run around for a minute and then walked into a nearby store since it was starting to snow. A few minutes later we walked out, and heard a song we recognized from last year. The lights were changing to the beat and the music was fun. We got excited and hurried over to watch. Once again, we were disappointed because as the song ended, the lights went back to the methodical changing and mall music came on again. I checked my watch–7:35 and figured they must do the show every half hour. So we went into another store and wasted some time until 8:00. When we walked out they had already started, but we watched 3 songs just like the old Holdman lights from last year. My boys were so excited! And so was I! But disappointed once again. Not seven songs like last year, but three.

So, I’m sad to say that I can’t recommend this show as highly as I did last year (see last year’s post here). The lights are still fun, but I’m not sure this shortened show is worth the drive. And make sure that you get there on the hour or half hour. I am a little upset that neither his website nor the malls mentions that–it was random luck that we caught that last song and decided to wait the other half hour.

For directions and info about his light show here is his website. Holdman Christmas

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