Hobbit Caves | Logan Canyon

The Hobbit Caves in Logan Canyon are a fun stop when you are exploring near Cache Valley or on your way to Bear Lake. The caves are just a few steps from the parking area, and there is also a waterfall. This is a great family friendly adventure.

We love Lord of the Rings, so when we heard about the Hobbit Caves we knew that we had to check them out. The Hobbit Caves are very small, and adults might have a hard time getting into most of them. Yet, kids love exploring inside and pretending to be Hobbits.

The caves are fun for the kids to explore.
There were a few that were too small for adults, and a few that we could squeeze into.
We came across several caves after scouting around a little.

Before you even get to the Hobbit Caves, you will need to cross the river. Someone has laid two boards across the river to make crossing easier. This is also where the small Right Fork Waterfall cascades down. The waterfall is only about 6 feet tall, but it is beautiful. We also enjoyed walking along the river and looking for fish.

Crossing the river was easy along the boards.
The cute little waterfall was worth the stop.
The river is beautiful.

The whole area is green and looks like you are walking through Fangorn Forest. We explored the area for about thirty minutes. Make sure to walk up top and look down into the caves. Our boys thought it was fun to be able to peek down at each other.

We thought the whole area looked like Lord of the Rings.
We had a great time at the Hobbit Caves in Logan Canyon.

Next time you head into Logan Canyon, make sure to check out the Hobbit Caves. It’s a fun, unique spot in Utah. Make sure to wear good shoes because when you cross the boards it can be a little slippery, especially if it’s been raining at all. For other ideas and fun stops in Logan Canyon, make sure to check out our post of Things to do in Logan Canyon.


Drive 8.5 miles into Logan Canyon. Turn right onto Right Fork Canyon Rd (there is a small sign). Follow the road for 0.4 miles to a larger pullout for about 5 cars on the right side. Park here and walk to the beginning of the pullout (meaning closest side to where you pulled in) and look down. You will see the waterfall and the boards laid across the river for crossing. This is where you will want to scramble down. The Hobbit Caves are right on the other side of the river.

The pullout has enough room for about 5 cars, so watch for this one.
At the beginning of the pullout, look down and see the boards. You will have to scramble down, so be careful because it can be slippery.
You will walk right at the base of the waterfall as you cross the river.
Once you cross the boards, you will see the caves right in front of you.

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