Himiway C1 eBike for Kids Review

A few years ago we bought some inexpensive electric bikes for two of our boys for Christmas. They were decent bikes, but we were frustrated as the 12- and 15-year-olds drove away without their 9-year-old brother. The bikes were just too big for a little guy. Worse, nobody really seemed to make an electric bike that he could ride. Then we found the Himiway C1 ebike for kids.

Himiway makes many electric bikes, but they just released a bike for younger kids. The Himiway C1 ebike is quite a bit nicer than our other electric bikes, and much more stable. We got a model to test just in time for Christmas, and it was perfect!

The Himiway C1 electric bike.
He loves riding his own electric bike.

The Himiway C1 Electric Bike sits low to the ground and is very light for an electric bike so that our youngest can easily maneuver it to get it out of the shed and through the gate. As soon as he gets his helmet on, he can ride away with his big brothers! The C1 weight limit is 165 pounds and is officially listed for 4-12 year olds.

You can see the comparison in size to the other electric bikes.
The bike sits very low to the ground, which is great.

This bike has wide tires that give it a nice coasting speed, but it doesn’t go too fast. The speed on this bike is limited to 15 miles per hour on the fastest mode. You can limit the speed by changing the modes. The lowest mode only allows speeds from 1-7 mph. I wish that the modes could be locked, and made this suggestion to the company. It is easy to just push the mode button to move to the higher speed, and if I had a younger child, I would want to limit them to 7 mph while they learned to control the electric bike.

The controls are very simple. Perfect for young kids.

The best thing about the Himiway C1 ebike is the distance that it can travel, which is much farther than our other e-bikes. With our little guy riding, it can ride farther than he has ever tried to go, and their website claims it can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge! It also charges really quickly.

Our son loves it. He says the seat is so comfortable, and he loves being able to join everyone on the electric bike rides. The Himiway C1 ebike also came with a little bell that he loves ringing throughout the neighborhood.

The bike was super easy to assemble.
He has had a blast riding his new ebike through the neighborhood.

A few other things about this bike: It comes in 4 colors that are neutral for boys or girls. It ships for free. It has a two-year warranty. The assembly was super-simple. We managed to build it together in under five minutes. Our family enjoys riding bikes together, and the electric bikes make it so we can go on longer adventures. We were excited to add this kids’ bike so we can all ride ebikes together. Check out the Himiway C1 ebike, and their other electric bikes, on the Himiway website.

Off he goes!

**We were gifted the Himiway C1 Kids ebike to write a review, but all of the opinions are our own.

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