Henrie’s Drive In

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Henrie's Drive In 1
Henrie’s Drive-In

Henrie’s Drive-in located in Panguitch, Utah is one of our two favorite restaurants in Garfield County along with Nemo’s in Escalante.


Henrie’s is located right on Main Street, and it is a basic hamburger, fries, and shakes joint, as almost all of our favorites are! This restaurant is low priced, and the food is really good local fare.

Henrie's Drive In 3
Henrie’s is a traditional burger place, just like most of our favorites!

The signature burger at Henrie’s is the Chubby Burger, which is a quarter-pound cheeseburger with a special sauce. Dad had to try that, of course, but Mom took a different approach and opted for a pork burrito. The Chubby Burger was great, and the burrito was surprisingly delicious for a fast food restaurant. One thing that impressed us was the price of the kid’s meals, which were only a few bucks. Our family of 5 got out of this restaurant for around $25 (before shakes).

Henrie's Drive In 4
That’s the Chubby! (The burger, I mean)
Henrie's Drive In 6
A burrito was an interesting choice, but it turned out to be good.
Henrie's Drive In 5
Kids’ meals were very inexpensive.

After we finished our meals, we ordered a Heath shake to share. The shake was thick and delicious. We passed it back and forth until it was gone.

Henrie's Drive In 7
Chicken nuggets and fries are a staple of children’s restaurants diets.
Henrie's Drive In 8
This Heath shake was amazing. We all tried some.

We really like Henrie’s Drive-In in Panguitch. The food was fast, inexpensive, and delicious. If your adventures in Utah take you to the west side of Garfield County, give Henrie’s a try.

Henrie's Drive In 2
Henrie’s Drive-In looks just like the kind of place we love!

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  1. Melanie

    My friends down the street are the grandchildren to the Henries who own this. We tried to eat here in February but it is closed during the winter and opens around Easter time each year.

    1. Natalie

      Good to know. Thanks! I’ll have to update the info.