Gustavo’s Mexican Restaurant

We’ve rounded up our favorite restaurants on this list of One in Every County. For a long time, we haven’t found a restaurant we really liked in San Juan County. But that changed on a recent trip to Monticello when we found Gustavo’s Mexican Restaurant.

Gustavo’s opened up in Monticello just a few years ago, and it is a satellite restaurant from another location in Cortez, Colorado. We learned that all the food is made in-house by a chef, and that Gustavo’s is locally owned and family operated.

Gustavo’s is off the main road, but it’s worth heading to.

We were really hungry when we showed up at Gustavo’s. Luckily, they brought chips and salsa right away. They replaced the chips and salsa multiple times, too! The salsa had just the right amount of kick, and the chips were perfect.

We loved the chips and salsa.

We ordered some carne asada tacos, as well as chicken and beef enchiladas. Our youngest got quesadillas and french fries (he’s hard to please). The food was absolutely amazing. There were generous sides of rice and beans with each of the adult meals, and none of us left hungry. We really loved the fresh guacamole and all the food tasted fresh and authentic.

The street tacos were delicious!
Dad enjoyed his enchiladas.
The kids meals came with rice and beans, too.
The fries were hand cut, too!

Service was great at Gustavo’s Mexican Restaurant. We had two people watching out for us, including the waitress, and the chips and salsa guy (to be fair, he also cleared plates and refilled water). We liked the ambiance, with gentle Latin music and wood paneling. It really was a perfect restaurant experience. Location: 216 E Center St, Monticello, UT.

The atmosphere was super fun.

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