Granny’s Cafe

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Granny’s Cafe is a great restaurant just east of Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park. Granny’s is family-run and has been around since 1956. Even if you don’t eat a meal here, you will want to stop for some ice cream. The cones were creamy and delicious.

I didn’t even get a picture of our ice cream cones. We ate them so fast!

Granny’s Cafe makes you feel right at home! We enjoyed our food on a picnic table behind the cafe, and were encouraged to walk about the property. Behind the cafe, there is an entire farm. We passed by goats, emus, rabbits, a donkey, and other farm animals. Chickens even gathered around our feet as we ate (but we didn’t feed them)!

Our boys loved walking around the farm while they waited for their food.
We were lucky enough to catch the donkey out eating her dinner.
There were a lot of animals to see, and a few yard games, too!

The food at Granny’s was really good! There were a lot of people dropping in for ice cream, both shakes and soft ice cream, but we stayed for dinner. The fries were really good, and we had chicken strips, a BLT, and burgers that were great, too.

Granny’s atmosphere was so fun. We ate outside because of Covid, but we did peek through the windows of the indoor restaurants. Inside, the restaurant is similar to an old diner from days gone by. Eating outside with the chickens was still pretty fun.

We ordered our food at the window.
The burger was super yummy.
Mom loved her BLT. The fries were great, too!
Eating with the chickens was the best part.

If you stay in the lodge at Lake Crescent make sure to drive just a few miles east. Granny’s will come up on the left (north) side of the road. Or if you are in Port Angeles, this is about 15 minutes west of the city. Whether you get ice cream, or food, you can’t go wrong at Granny’s Cafe. Granny’s serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Check out their webpage for current hours.

Granny’s is in a beautiful location.

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