Grand View Point Trail | Canyonlands

There is an unbelievable panoramic viewpoint on the farthest south tip of Island in the Sky at Canyonlands National Park. The Grand View Point in Canyonlands looks out over the Needles section of the park more than 15 miles to the south as the crow flies. Many people drive to the far end of the road in Canyonlands to look out over some of the canyons carved out by the Green River at this stop. The Grand View Point Overlook is really beautiful, and the sky seems so large and crystal blue. However, very few people walk the Grand View Point Trail in Canyonlands. The trail is simple, fun, and has great views.

This is the viewpoint. Pretty good!

The Grand View Point Trail leads to the right (west) running for about a mile (so 2.0 miles roundtrip). We walked along the Grand View Point Trail as it runs along the rim of the canyon. Be careful as you hike along. It is easy to stay well back from the rim, but you can venture close, too. There is no guardrail, and the feeling of vertigo hits as you near the edge. The drop is around 300 feet to the canyon floor. If heights aren’t your thing, stay back behind the rail at the overlook.

There are stairs at the beginning of the trail.
Stay back from the edge.
The views are awesome. Watch the edge!

We enjoyed the hike, though, which is mostly flat with a few places with stairs. The view out over the valley doesn’t change much in this distance, but eventually it opens to an even wider scope as the point of land you are hiking narrows. Then the views (and drops) surround you more dramatically.

It is nice to walk along the Grand View Point Trail in Canyonlands to get away from the crowds. Not as many people ventured out along the trail. Though it isn’t wheel-friendly due to some stairs, it is an easy walk. We also like that you can choose how far you go and then turn around when you are done.

Not wheel friendly, but still easy.
The trail is fun as you walk between rocks and on the slick rock.
The views into Canyonlands are great.
So many canyons to explore out there.

The Grand View Point Trail isn’t for everyone, but it is a great place to walk for a short distance. The views really are stunning. We visited in late morning, but would recommend for afternoon/evening for better lighting. For other family-friendly hikes in this area, check out our post on Canyonlands Kids Hikes.

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