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Grand Canyon Kid Hikes

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2019)

Grand Canyon National Park isn’t the ideal place to hike with children. The hikes are long, steep, somewhat dangerous, and unforgivably hot. We’ve rounded up our favorite kid friendly hikes so you can make the most of your time in Grand Canyon. Click on the link to read about each hike in detail.

So far, we have only visited the South Rim, but we have plans to visit the North Rim. Once we spend time there, we will add hikes on the North Rim, too. Here are our Grand Canyon Kid Hikes.

South Rim

South Kaibab Trail to Ooh Aah Point

The South Kaibab trail runs from rim to rim of the Grand Canyon and is only for the extreme hiker. But you can visit Ooh-Aah Point safely with little ones. This is our top-rated hike in the park for all levels of hikers, and one of our favorites. 1.8 miles RT and moderate.

Trail of Time

This interpretive trail is relatively flat, easy, and wheel friendly. It is the closest thing Grand Canyon has to a nature walk. Anyone can enjoy this trail and learn about the geologic history of the canyon. The Trail of Time is 1.8 miles one way, and you can use the shuttle system to avoid the return walk.

South Rim Trail

There are plenty of places to hike along the twelve mile South Rim Trail. Our favorite is only a little over a mile long and takes you to three beautiful viewpoints. We began at Powell Point and walked to Mojave Point, but you can walk any section and distance along the South Rim Trail. Best of all, it’s usually not too crowded that far out.

Bright Angel Trail

Getting below the rim of Grand Canyon gives you an entirely different perspective. Bright Angel Trail is way too long for kids to walk. But you can venture along this trail to a few tunnels in the rock. It also drops rapidly, so you get down into the canyon. Of course, there is the climb back up! We hiked .9 miles RT along this trail.

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