Gnomes at Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum

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When you visit the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point, or the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum as my children call it, make sure to look for the hidden gnomes. There are 13 gnomes hidden throughout the museum. We love looking for these gnomes while we enjoy the museum.

Finding the gnomes can be tricky. They hide them really well. But if you are able to find all of them, your picture will be added to the wall of fame, which is an amazing accomplishment. 

See how tricky they are to spot?

The gnomes are also moved every 6 months or so, and that makes it even more difficult to find them. They might not be in the same spot when you go the next time. The gnomes are only in the museum, not the lobby area. Also, gnomes are never put inside any glass displays. Some people recommend a flashlight to help spot them, but we have never used a light.

The gnomes can be painted anywhere.

We haven’t been to look at the gnomes for awhile, but here are some previous hidden gnomes to give you an idea of what you are looking for. There are 5 painted gnomes and 8 figurines. Have fun and good luck! Looking for the Thanksgiving Point gnomes is quite an adventure.

There is an information sign to get you started.
This is one of the figurines. They are small and hard to spot!

We love Thanksgiving Point because there are so many things to do here. For more information on any of their venues, visit our posts on each one:

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  1. Kelly

    All the painted gnomes have been painted over!! 🙁

  2. Erika

    There is one on a flying dino as well.

  3. Melanie

    I found one on top of the grey boned dinosaur in the room, it used to be in the pelvis of the other one but now it is on top of this dino’s leg that is closest to the wall.

  4. Melanie

    Ok so there is one figurine on top of the grey boned supersaurus dinosaur in the big room. He is on top of the leg that is closest to the wall.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m going on thursday I will let you know if I find any:)