Garden City Pond

Garden City Pond 1

Garden City near Bear Lake has just created a new park called Heritage Park. They are putting in a playground as of summer 2016, but we most liked the pond at this location. Garden City pond can be used for fishing (regulations are posted), birdwatching, or just a pleasant walk. There are signs for the pond posted along the main road in Garden City just before the main park.

Garden City Pond 2

Our boys enjoyed walking out on the small pier and looking into the water. We also walked around the pond, scanning for fish as we went. We didn’t see any, but we did spot a great blue heron. These birds are usually pretty skittish, but this one flew to the opposite side of the pond and landed. He sat sunning his wings as we walked around and tossed a few rocks in the water.

Garden City Pond 5
This little pond is stocked with fish if you’d like to try some fishing.
Garden City Pond 8
We loved watching the Great Blue Heron sun his wings.
Garden City Pond 7
We had to walk out on the dock and try to spot fish. We didn’t see any.
Garden City Pond 6
The pond is in a beautiful location.

This park is a great place to stop for a few minutes. We can’t wait until they get the playground equipment put in. There are a few swings and a small climbing toy right now, but it looks as if they will be adding more. There are some picnic tables, too.

Garden City Pond 3
There was a small playground, but it looked to be under construction.

Garden City Pond has a paved path all the way around so you could easily push a stroller or wheelchair around this beautiful little pond. We found it very scenic and relaxing. This is a great stop if you looking for somewhere to escape the busy beaches.

Garden City Pond 4
There is a walking path all the way around.
Garden City Pond 9
We had fun exploring at Garden City Pond. It was beautiful and peaceful.

You can find the Garden City Pond at 579 Buttercup Blvd. From Bear Lake Blvd, turn onto Buttercup Lane. Then take a right onto Buttercup Blvd. The pond is on this road.

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