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**We are very sad to share that Funtopia will be closing on January 30, 2020. We have loved this adventure and will miss it dearly!

A new adventure just opened up in Lehi last month, and it is geared toward kids. Funtopia has fun climbing walls for kids age 3 and up. (Our 2 year-old was a little under the weight limit of 35 pounds, so he couldn’t do much).

Funtopia is located right behind the serious rock-climbing place (Momentum Climbing) on Mill Pond Road between Pioneer Crossing and Main Street. When you go in, some friendly workers will help you register (you have to sign some release forms, but if you fill them out before you arrive, you will save yourselves about 15 minutes!) and get fitted into harnesses. We were really impressed with the employees that were working. One young man made a special effort to learn our three boys names, and he was really good at interacting with them. Those kinds of things are important to us.

All fitted in harnesses and ready to go!
All fitted in harnesses and ready to go!

After registering, we watched a short safety video that tells you how to use the equipment, and how to get down once you get up. The ropes you are attached to as you climb pull you down to the ground once you are ready to descend. This helps little ones once they reach the top return to the floor easily. It also gives them confidence as they climb because if they slip, they won’t plummet down, the rope will slowly lower them down. Then, it’s on to the climbing walls.

There are a lot of places to climb– I didn’t count, but 20 isn’t an exaggeration. Each wall has a certain fun theme. There is a dinosaur fossil wall, a giraffe wall, an owls nest, a clock with gears that turn. There are also a few special features. One is a jump, where you climb up and jump across to grab either a trapeze bar or a large punching bag. Both Mom and Dad had a go at this.

Dad climbed this wall where the clockworks move. Mom couldn’t make it all the way.
Here’s a view of the room! Lots of places to climb!
It was fun to hop on top of the buildings!
One thing we really enjoyed was climbing next to each other. You can race, or just enjoy the company!
This place was fun for everyone!

The highlight for the boys was the vertical slide. Basically, you hold a t-bar which raises you to the ceiling and then let go to slide down the vertical slide. Dad, our 5 year-old and our 8 year-old gave the slide a try.

There are climbing towers in the shape of a city that are fun, a rope ladder, and a large net, which our oldest proclaimed his favorite thing at Funtopia.

Here goes our five year old up the slide! He only made it part of the way up!
Our two year old was a little nervous about climbing, and he wasn’t heavy enough anyway. The rope pulled him over most of the time because he didn’t meet the weight minimum of 35 pounds. But I held his hand and he liked climbing these blocks.
Here's our oldest at the top of the spider web.
Here’s our oldest at the top of the spider web.
We really liked this old school Tetris wall!
We really liked this old school Tetris wall!

We spent over an hour at Funtopia, and we were serenaded with choruses of “When can we go back?” for the rest of the evening. We will go back, too, because even though we are not serious climbers it was fun to watch our kids go from timid wall-clutchers to confidently rappelling 30 feet after reaching the top!

For more information and pricing, visit their website. Funtopia is located at 401 S 850 E Suite C4 in Lehi.

Check out our video of the jump and the slide!

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  1. ad65shorty

    We finally earned our night at Funtopia, and same as yours, our kids are DYING to go back! We’re working toward earning a night out again!! They limit the number of people so it’s not super crowded, which I appreciate. Such a fun place!