52 Free Indoor Museums in Utah

Utah is such an amazing place! Throughout our years searching the state, we have found dozens of amazing museums right among us. We are always extra excited when they have free admission. Here is a huge list of free indoor museums in Utah for you to enjoy with your family. Since there are 52, you can visit one museum per week for a whole year!

A quick note: Free museums rely on donations. Donations are not required to enter, but if you are able to donate, even if it is only a dollar or two, it does help the museum keep running.

Clark Planetarium

📍Salt Lake City

Conference Center Tour

📍Salt Lake City

Church History Museum

📍Salt Lake City

Utah Capitol Building

📍Salt Lake City

Pioneer Memorial Museum

📍Salt Lake City

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art

📍Logan at Utah State University

USU Museum of Anthrolpology

📍Logan at Utah State University

Brigham City Museum

📍Brigham City

UVU Roots of Knowledge

📍Orem: UVU Library

Springville Art Museum


Springville DUP


Provo DUP


Nephi DUP


Cove Fort


Moab DUP


Cedar City DUP

📍Cedar City

SUU Museum of Art

📍Cedar City

We will continue to add to this list as we find more free indoor museums throughout Utah. If you know of one we need to check out, send us an email at info@utahsadventurefamily.com. For a full list of indoor adventures (including ones requiring fees), check out our Indoor Activities in Utah post.

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  1. John Gerritsen

    Thank You for having & sharing so many great ideas of places to see and do in many of the places we love and go. My wife, Janice and I are in charge of 12 young boys between 7 and 11 whom we meet with twice a month. We like to share ideas with their parents because they have so much more time to be with them and take them around the State or locally. We would like to share with them some of the research and locales that you have sought out and visited with your family. Would it be alright to share some links to your postings and then they can take their families to those places, enjoy the experience, and sign up to be subscribers to your great ideas and suggestions.
    John and Janice Gerritsen

    1. Natalie Ockey

      You are welcome to share any links to our posts with families. We love sharing ideas to help others experience Utah and spend time as a family.