Fish Spa at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

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One of the fun experiences you’ll find at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is the Fish Spa. For 6 tokens if you are a member (I think it’s 8 if you’re not), you can place your feet into a small pool filled with fish. These “doctor” fish will nibble at your feet, and clear away all the old, dead skin. We decided that we needed to try this unique experience, and see how well the doctor fish actually work at the Fish Spa.


Mom loves getting a pedicure, so she was excited to give it a try, but a little nervous. The boys were super nervous, and weren’t too sure about putting their feet in either. I’m not sure why everyone was so nervous since it wasn’t a tank of sharks!

Tickle Tickle!

The instant Mom put her feet in, the doctor fish went to work. It doesn’t hurt, but it definitely feels a little ticklish. The fish mostly focused on Mom’s feet, but they also nibbled on her legs, too. It wasn’t uncomfortable or unnerving once you were in the water. It was actually kind of fun!

There are a lot of tiny fish in each of the tanks.
They seem to nibble the dry skin off your feet. It doesn’t hurt because they don’t have teeth.
The fish nibble on feet and hands!

The best part was watching our kids. They have never experienced anything like this, so it was funny to watch them laugh and giggle as they fish nibbled away at their feet and legs. They both said that they thought it was fun, and wanted to do it again the next time we visited.

Our seven year-old was not so sure about putting his feet in….
But he quickly realized that it tickles and is fun….
After that, he enjoyed it immensely!
The 10 year-old was a little calmer!

The Fish Spa lasts for about 15 minutes, and they have towels to dry your feet. Best of all, Mom was convinced that it actually worked! She said her feet felt lots softer after her fish pedicure. It was amazing that those little fish could really clean up so much dead skin. Not as good, or as pretty as getting a real pedicure, but definitely fun to say that you’ve had a fish pedicure.

Our boys thought this was a grand adventure!

We do love SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium. The exhibits are amazing. We have written a full review here, as well as some tips for making the most of your visit and tokens.

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