Farmington Bigfoot Statue

UPDATE: Bigfoot has been moved. Unfortunately the statue was vandalized. Please remember to take care of places and things do others can enjoy them.

Did you know that Farmington has a Bigfoot Statue? You can easily visit with just a short walk, too. We stopped by a few weeks ago just to say hello to one of Utah’s most reclusive residents. Our boys loved spotting the Farmington BigFoot.

We were glad it was just a statue!

If you’d like to visit the Bigfoot statue, we can help you find it. Just drive to the parking lot for the Farmington Creek Trail near Farmington Pond. Directions below. When you arrive walk the short distance along the path until you come to the bridge across Farmington Creek. You have to step over a bar to get on the bridge, so you’ll know you’re in the right place.

This is the parking lot to start the short walk to the Farmington Bigfoot.
Once you cross the bridge, you should be able to spot him up on the hillside.

Cross the bridge and you’ll be facing a large tree that hangs out over the path. As you come around the right side of that tree, look up to the left and you’ll see Bigfoot’s head peaking over the hill. From there, simply follow the Farmington Creek trail up the hill to the #FarmingtonBigFoot. He is rather large and hairy, and he has a sign at his feet which reads: “Believe in yourself, even when no one else does.” It is such a short trip to see such a unique Utah oddity.

Follow the Farmington Creek trail signs.
Soon you will spot Bigfoot!
The quote on the sign is attributed to Bigfoot.

We walked the Farmington Creek Trail from Lagoon past Farmington Pond and then up to Bigfoot. Read about these two trails here: Lagoon Trail or Farmington Creek Trail. Our friends at the Salt Project also continued the trail past BigFoot to an Indian Princess Burial Ground.


Head to Farmington Pond. From the 1-15, take exit 324 and keep right toward Farmington. Then turn right onto Park lane. Turn right onto Main Street. Turn left onto 600 N. Then turn left onto 100 E. Stay to the left and head toward Farmington pond. Park at the first parking lot you see on the right. This parking lot comes up before you arrive at Farmington Pond. The trail begins here.

If you park at Farmington Pond, you can still hike to Bigfoot. Follow the paved trail up the hill that goes behind the bathrooms. This trail takes you to the bridge mentioned above.

The Farmington Creek Trail walks up the hill from the pond.
Cross the road and keep following this paved trail. The bridge is just a little further along. You’ll see the parking lot on your right.

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