Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area

Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area is an amazing birding spot. We had such a lovely drive through this area. There are also a few spots to get out and take a walk. The Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area is right next to the Eccles Wildlife Education Center, and there is even a trail that connects them, if you want to make a day of it.

Farmington Bay is a short drive through some wet areas and along the edge of the Great Salt Lake. We love to go in Spring when it is extra wet. We saw lots of different birds including egrets, cormorants, many species of ducks, coots, and great blue herons. One of our favorite things was that the coots kept walking across the road to go from pool to pool. We loved seeing them out of the water.

There is a lot of water in the Spring which is great for shore birds.
We saw a lot of different birds, but we loved the scenery, too!
There geese were nesting in the boxes.
The coots crossed the road right in front of us. The road starts paved, and becomes dirt later.
we spotted this beautiful snowy egret.
We were excited to see a Wood Duck. They are so beautiful!

We drove slowly along the road and then banked around a corner to head toward Goose Egg Island. This is a small hill where you can overlook the area and spot lots of birds. There are parking spots, picnic tables, and information signs all along the edge of the island.

The road becomes dirt once you pass the gate.
That is Goose Egg Island. The road takes you up to the top of it.
You can see the Eccles Wildlife Center from the road, and there is a short trail over to it.
Up on Goose Egg Island you have some great vantage points.
There are informational signs as well as benches and picnic tables.
We saw pelicans flying overhead a few times.

Just below Goose Egg Island, we parked at the gate and walked along the road for a short distance to see what we could see. This road is open to vehicles from November to March, but closes the rest of the year to vehicles. There was also a trail down to the water where you had to stay between the white poles as you walked. We walked as far as we could before it was covered with water and we even spotted a Bald Eagle sitting out in the middle of the water. We were surprised since it was April. Winter is usually when we come to see the bald eagles at Farmington Bay.

This road is closed from March to November to vehicles, but people and bikes are allowed to explore.
You can walk down the road, but we chose this trail.
We saw lots of yellow-headed blackbirds.
The trail ended when the water was covering it and we could go no further.
There were a lot of birds at the end of the trail though. Mostly different types of ducks.

If you are looking for a less traveled place to hike and explore, then Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area is a great spot. You can also walk the trail at the Eccles Center. This is a great bird drive, too. We labeled it one of our favorite bird spots. The gates are open from 8 am – 5 pm every day. We have even visited up here in winter. It’s a great place to find bald eagles. Read more about our winter visit here.

Can you see the black-crowned night heron? Isn’t it cool how he can blend in so well?
On our way out of the gate, another coot crossed the road. It’s so cute!


The drive begins just a block before the Eccles Wildlife Center at the corner of Glovers Ln and 1325 W in Farmington. If you come from the South, take exit 322 off of the 1-15 and take a right onto 200 W (Frontage road) immediately after exiting. Then turn right onto Glovers Ln. (925 W) watch for 1325 W to come up on the left.

If you come from the North, take exit 325, and turn right onto Park Lane. Follow straight as it merges into Clark Lane. Take a left onto 1525 W. At the T with Glovers Ln, head left back to 1325 W and take a right.

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