Family Friendly Slot Canyons in Utah

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Who doesn’t love a Slot Canyon? Utah is full of slot canyons to explore, and our boys want to visit them all. They love when we find family friendly slot canyons where we can all adventure and squeeze through together. We are always on the lookout for great family friendly slot canyons in Utah, so please share if you know of one that we can try!

Here are the slot canyons we have hiked and found to be safe and fun for families. Click on individual hikes for more specific details to see if the slot canyons are right for you and your family.

Please remember to take care of these slot canyons. Do not carve into the soft sandstone. We are saddened every time we return to one of these canyons to find people mistreating our beautiful world. So don’t be THAT someone. No carving or leaving any marks. Remember to leave no trace.

Red Hollow

Red Hollow is located in Orderville near Zion National Park. This slot canyon begins at the end of a dirt road. The hike is only 1.0 mile round trip and is a great place to start slot canyon adventures.

Little Wild Horse

little wild horse canyon

This hike is probably the most famous slot canyon for families in Utah. It can be very busy in the Spring and Fall, so arrive at the trailhead early. This hike has some beautiful winding slots that are very picturesque, and other than getting to the entrance, it is easy. It is flat and you can choose how far you go. We usually go about 5.0 miles roundtrip and our boys have never complained (at any age)! Little Wild Horse Canyon is located near Goblin Valley State Park.

Furniture Draw

We found Furniture Draw when we explored the Buckhorn Wash Road located near Price, Utah. This trail can have water in it, so be prepared to get wet depending on the time of year you visit. We didn’t see another soul on this hike, and we had fun exploring among all the different rock formations. This slot isn’t as narrow as others, but is still a great canyon for families. Furniture Draw is about 2.5 miles roundtrip and very flat.

Willis Creek

Willis Creek Canyon is a beautiful slot canyon and it follows Willis Creek the entire way. We had so much fun jumping back and forth over the creek hundreds of times. This trail is easy and beautiful. There is a small waterfall and towering walls to walk through. Willis Creek is found near Escalante and you can turn around at anytime. We hiked about 3.0 miles roundtrip and had a wonderful time.

Hobbit Hole Slot Canyon

This slot canyon is very short, but it’s a great family-friendly trail. The Hobbit Hole trail is located in Zion National Park and it ends with a beautiful little hobbit hole arch. The tricky part is scrambling down, but little ones should be able to make it with a little help. Follow our specific directions to find this fun slot canyon in Zion that is only 1.2 miles roundtrip.

Jenny’s Canyon

Located in Snow Canyon State Park, Jenny’s Canyon is a quick hike to a fun slot canyon. This trail is flat as it walks through the lava rocks for only 0.3 miles round trip. This slot canyon ends at a dead end, which it is a great spot for pictures. There are lots of other great family-friendly trails in Snow Canyon, so make sure to spend the day exploring here. More details on our post.

Peek-A-Boo & Spooky

This is the longest and most difficult of the slot canyons we are sharing, but it also has the narrowest slots. It is also the most memorable hike for our family. We still laugh about squeezing through some of the tightest places, and putting the backpack through first, then Dad. This hike is long (almost 4 miles) and there are some up and downs, as well as climbing involved in the canyons. Dad boosted us all up or down a few times. It is also a place you can get lost if you are not careful (we weren’t, and we got lost), but if you take a map and are prepared this is a really awesome hike. A 4 wheel drive will help you get to this hike, or you can add an extra mile or so to the distance. Definitely read our post for all the details. Pictures cannot do justice to the narrowness and beauty of Peek-a-Boo and Spooky Slot Canyons.


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  1. Cindy

    The Irish Canyons south of Hanksville are great: consists of Leprechaun, Shillelagh and Blarney canyons. From what we’ve seen they’re not very long, but interesting. Actually, there were some scenes from the movie “127 Hours” filmed in Leprechaun canyon.

  2. Loretta

    I know this is a dated post, but how old were your kids when you took them in Spooky and Peek-a-Boo? We’ve got a crazy adventurous 3-year-old (who loves hikes and snow shoeing–it’s hard to keep up with her at times) and a 1-year old we’re planning on chest packing in. I did Spooky and Peek-a-Boo when I was 17, and I remember loving it, but it’s been a few years (and two kids), so I want to see if my memory isn’t too rose-colored.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Our boys were 10, 7, and 4. It was a little long for our youngest (mostly because of heat). If you plan to do this not in the hot of summer, it would be much easier. You won’t be able to wear your chest pack with the baby through Spooky–it’s too narrow. So the 1 year old would need to walk or you will have to pass the pack back and forth through. There are some challenging climbs that might be hard while wearing a chest pack, and helping a 3 year old. I also heard they have changed the parking area, so it adds another 1/2 mile each way on distance. I personally think it would be challenging with that young of children, but you know your kids best. It is a fun hike for sure, but a little more difficult for kids.