101 Family Friendly Hikes in Utah

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We didn’t grow up doing a lot of hiking, but since we became Utah’s Adventure Family, we have done hundreds of hikes in Utah. We feel lucky to live in a state that has hundreds more for us to do! In this article, we have gathered 101 of our favorite family friendly hikes in Utah and organized them by level to help you find the perfect trail for your group!

BEST NEWS: We even created a Printable with all of these trails in one spot. That way you can keep track of which hikes you’ve done, highlight the ones you want to try, and even add extra trails to the list. The hikes are linked on the printable, too, so you can click any hike for more info if viewing online. Or use this post to learn about each trail. Get our FREE printable below.


The hikes in this category are flat, easy, possibly paved, and simple for just about anyone to hike.  

Silver Lake is an easy hike for families in Utah.


The trails in this section are quick and easy. The hikes are under 3 miles but may require a little climb or scrambling.

Willis Creek Slot Canyon is an easy family friendly trail in Utah.


We label trails “moderate” if they have a large incline or have a length more than 3 miles. These hikes are easy for teenagers but challenging for toddlers.

Gloria Falls is one of our favorite family friendly hikes in Utah.


We didn’t want to include difficult trails on the list, but these are all trails that we did as a family. We found them to be difficult for many reasons for our family, but we enjoyed each of them, so we wanted to share the information with you.

ladder and waterfall at Kanarraville falls trail

Family Friendly Trails in Utah

This list will continue to grow as we continue to find more family friendly hikes in Utah. We love suggestions, so leave any of your favorite trails in the comments. We use the Free AllTrails app to help us find directions to hikes or new ideas. Maybe it will help you, too. Happy Hiking!

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  1. Shalece

    Thank you for putting this list together! It is fantastic! Do you know if there is a way to find out if the trails allow dogs?
    Thank you!!

  2. Nikki

    I LOVE this, thank you so much! We have tried many of the hikes you have posted about (and other adventures), but it’s great to have them on a nice concise list. We love your detailed directions and information about each one. It helps us to select appropriate trails and know what to expect. We use your website not only to plan great family activities, but my teenage daughter uses it to plan dates as well!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Thank you so much for this kind comment! We appreciate followers who have stuck with us through the years!!