Escalante Outfitters Restaurant

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Escalante Outfitters is a business located on Main Street in Escalante, Utah. They have lodging, a shop, jeep tours, and a restaurant. We didn’t stop for the items in the shop. We were there for the pizza.

Inside the shop there is a small coffee bar with breakfast items and drinks, and a larger restaurant that serves up a bunch of different kinds of pizza. Each of the pizzas features a name with a southern Utah twist. We ordered the Big Mesa, which had sausage, chicken, pepperoni, and Canadian bacon.

This pizza was really tasty!

Our pizza came pretty fast for cooked to order food, and it was really delicious. These are definitely gourmet pizzas rather than fast food style. The pizzas are made with a sourdough crust, and that was the best part. There are also a few salads and sandwiches on the menu, but pizza is definitely the main attraction.

They have kid sized cheese pizzas, which our boys devoured.

You can also order from the coffee bar. We always drink water with our food, but we did try a cinnamon roll for dessert, and it was really soft and delicious. Next time we are going to visit during breakfast hours and try a bagel sandwich. They sound amazing!

The cinnamon roll was huge!

If you’re up for some pizza after a long hike, make sure to stop by Escalante Outfitters.

Look for Escalante Outfitters as you drive through Escalante.
The shop has lots of souvenirs, but also lots of supplies for first aid, hiking, and camping.

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