Edge of the Cedars State Park

Edge of the Cedars is a Utah State Park located right in Blanding. It is a museum filled with Native American artifacts with an Ancestral Puebloan ruin in the back. We had a great time at Edge of the Cedars for a few reasons. One, the Junior Ranger program was simple and fun. Each of our children (7, 5, and 1) was given a clipboard with a picture bingo sheet on it. There were small sticky notes and every time they found one of those items in the museum, they put the sticky note on top. It was the first Junior Ranger program that our toddler was able to participate in and he was thrilled. It was a fun way to keep our boys interested in the museum as we looked at the exhibits.

Working on the Junior Ranger badge at Edge of the Cedars.

Another reason we enjoyed Edge of the Cedars State Park is there was a large room dedicated to the children. There was a house to play in, puzzles and books to read, and drawers that each had a different activity to do. Our boys liked sorting pottery by shape and size and classifying uses of different plants. There were other things that an archaeologist might do, too. We spent a lot of time with our children here and learned a lot as well.

Building inside the house.
Learning about arrowheads.
This whole room is filled with child appropriate activities.

The rest of the museum is standard displays of ancient artifacts. There were lots of interesting things to see like miniature pots and turkey feather rugs. We love seeing the artifacts that have been found in this part of Utah.

This miniature pots were unique.
There are 3 large rooms like this filled with artifacts.

If you walk out behind the museum, there is an old ruin to walk around. The best part of this ruin is that if you walk around to the backside, there is a ladder for you to climb down into the kiva. This was a special treat because most sites are roped off so that they can be preserved, so our boys were so excited to go explore inside an actual old ruin.

This ruin is in back of Edge of the Cedars.
We were so excited to go inside the ruin.
Inside the kiva.

If you are going to be in the Blanding area, make sure to visit Edge of the Cedars. It is a great state park and your children will love it. You can find out about other state parks on our state park tab.

Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum is located at 660 W 400 N in Blanding, Utah.

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