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How adventurous are you? I mean truly, how far out of the way would you go for adventure? We found an awesome arch that can be seen from I-70 as you whiz past at 80 miles per hour. It is called Dutchman Arch (sometimes Dutchman’s Arch), and if you’d like to see it closer like we did, you’ll need to be pretty adventurous!

There is no hike to Dutchman Arch because you can drive right to it. We’ve heard of people driving a car there, and our van made it without any trouble, but the road isn’t easy. The nice thing is that it is not too rough, and mostly it is firm sandy. This means that you likely won’t damage your vehicle on rocks, but you need to keep your momentum and not spin the tires.

You will be out in the middle of nowhere! We didn’t see anyone else.

Dutchman Arch is about 10 miles off the 1-70. There are many different dirt roads to follow, and they eventually lead to a tunnel underneath the freeway. Each road gets a little rougher the further you travel. See our very specific directions below.

After you cross under the freeway tunnel, a labyrinth of roads shoots off in all directions. Your goal is to go left (west) as much as possible. Any of the spiderweb of roads can get you there as long as you bear left as much as possible. There is a rock outcropping, and Dutchman Arch is just around the far left rocks.

The road starts to get sandy as you enter the tunnel, and it is more so on the other side.

When we first came out of the tunnel, we didn’t want to take the left road even though our directions said to do that, so we went right. This road went for 1/4 mile or so, and then we took the next left road and headed over to the original left road. We returned on the road that follows by the fence, and it was a little scary coming down, but we made it. Be careful and wise about where you take your vehicle.

Dutchman Arch is a good sized-arch in this rock outcropping.

Once the road curves around there rocks, Dutchman Arch will come into view. It is hard to miss. There is a little sign, but the arch stands right out next to the road. There is a small parking area right in front.

There is a small sign, and you can pull right up next to the arch. It’s awesome!

Dutchman Arch is awesome because you can climb right on top of it like Cassidy Arch in Capitol Reef. Our boys loved that we could run right up to the arch and explore around.  We loved Dutchman Arch, and if you have the right vehicle, you will, too!

Walking on arches is definitely the best!



Use your odometer for this trip.

Take exit 131 from the 1-70. Head south. Follow this road for for 3.8 miles (the first 2 miles are pavement, and then it switches to a good gravel road).

Go right at a signed junction toward Head of Sinbad.

Stay on this road for 4.4 miles (this road is dirt and good traveling). At 1.0 mile on this road another road comes in, stay right. At 1.7 miles you will come to a T and need to take a right.

At the 4.4 mile mark, there used to be a sign marking the way to Dutchman Arch, but when we were there it was laying on the ground. Stay right and head toward the freeway. The road from this junction on is very sandy, so be careful not to slow down in deep sand or spin your tires.

Cross under the freeway, and then pick the way you’d like to go following the directions above. If you feel that your vehicle can make it up the left fork, head that way. It is the quickest and easiest way to the arch. At 0.2 miles, head left at the junction and Dutchman Arch will come up on the right hand side.

If you decide to go right, that’s okay. It’s flatter and easier, just take a left at the first junction you come to and then a right onto the road that is heading out to the rocks. This will get you to Dutchman Arch.







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  1. Carlos

    Hi! I have read your comments on Dutchman Arch, excuse the question: is it possible to get to Dutchman Arch in a regular car?
    I will appreciate the information!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      We wouldn’t recommend a passenger car going all the way to Dutchman Arch. The road gets pretty sandy in some spots.