Drive-in Holiday Laser Spectacular

The Maverik Center is hosting a new drive-in Holiday Laser Spectacular this Christmas season. There is a large screen showing a laser show, and also lasers shining out over all of the cars. This is a great social distance friendly adventure for 2020.

You watch the laser show from your car. Pull up into the viewing area, turn on the radio, and enjoy. We recommend arriving early so that you are closer to the screen, but really any spot has a great view. The parking lot directors stagger the cars so that your sightline is between vehicles.

This shows how they stagger the cars.

This laser show is set to music, and there is a mix of Christmas songs and popular songs. We listened on the radio, but they also have the music playing outside if you decide to watch from the back of a truck or vehicle.

We watched from our warm car.

Our kids were fascinated with the lasers. They made different patterns in the air. There was also a fog machine going to help you see the lasers more clearly. The screen has some pretty silly characters on it, and at other times some interesting patterns. The laser show ran for 30 minutes.

The lasers are so cool!
There are lots of fun things to see on the screen.
There are lots of different colors in the lights show.

If you are looking for a unique adventure, the Holiday Laser Spectacular is a great one to try out this year. Tickets are $25 per vehicle. There are shows at 6:00 and 8:00 pm and it is located in the parking lot of the Maverik Center in West Valley City. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Maverik Center website.

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