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Dreamland Safari Tours is an adventure company that operates out of Kanab. They give guided tours of local spots so that you don’t have to worry about the details. We used Dreamland Safari Tours to get us safely to an amazing slot canyon just north of Kanab called Peek a Boo (no, not the Peek-a-Boo and Spooky canyon farther east) because the drive was just too difficult for our vehicle.

We all rode together in a Suburban.

Dreamland Safari Tours does half-day and full day tours. They put the five of us into an old Suburban with our guide, Kieran. Then he drove us to the sandy road that would have swallowed our poor van. Luckily, the guide had driven this road dozens of times. The first thing he did was lower the tire pressure so that he could get more traction. Then he started through the thick dry sand. He had the driving down to an art, and we were glad that we didn’t have to worry about getting stuck and digging out. Or worse, needing to call an expensive tow truck.

These tricky roads are when it’s great to take a tour.

After we arrived safely at the trailhead, our guide made sure we had water and snacks and led us into the canyon. He stopped us multiple times to show us Moki steps, fossils, and because he specializes in geology formations, layers, and other rocky things. Best of all, we had our own personal photographer, so we got some beautiful family pictures, which is not usual for us. The canyon was beautiful (you can read more about it here), and we were grateful that someone with some know-how had taken care of all the details for us.

Our guide was amazing.
This canyon was worth it.
Our guide took a lot of pictures of our family.
Dreamland Safari Tours were great to work with.
Kieran showed us fossils and unique geological formations all along the trail.

Dreamland Safari Tours has a bunch of trips to choose from. Some of the more popular tours are day trips to The Wave and Coyote Gulch, both of which we are nervous to do on our own, so we plan on using a guide for those trips. If you are interested in exploring some back country places but nervous about how to do them safely, Dreamland Safari Tours is a good option. Check out all of their tours and pricing on their website.

We loved following our guide through the slot canyon.

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