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Way back in high school Dad fell in love with pinball machines. His favorite was a machine called Terminator 2: Judgement Day, which he spent way too many quarters on. Those days may be over, but you can still enjoy Terminator, and many other pinball machines, at Doc Brundy’s in Spanish Fork.

Doc Brundy’s has a restaurant, a game room, and mini-bowling. We spent a fun afternoon at Doc Brundy’s Delectable Diversions (it’s official name). There is also a deal for double time for regular price right now (February 2019). See below for details.

There are rows and rows of pinball machines.

The Game Room

The game room in the back is what we came for. There are over 40 pinball machines as well as a few old arcade games. Our boys were so excited to give the pinball machines a try, and many of them have familiar themes like The Wizard of Oz or the Hobbit on them. They even have a short video you can watch on Pinball 101 to help you if you’ve never played before.

We were happy for the stools so our boys could reach the games better.
Dad was super excited to be playing pinball again.

None of the machines take quarters because you purchase time instead. We bought an hour for the five of us and were given five phones. Then we simply scanned the phones’ QR Code on the machine and played. It was so simple that our kids were able to hop from game to game all on their own. Most games gave you five balls and then you could restart or try out another machine.

The phone system was so easy to use.

All the machines were in good working order, and we didn’t have any problems scanning in. Best of all, we didn’t have to wait for any machines because there were plenty of them. You can also pause your time if you decide to go eat or run to the bathroom. Our boys were begging for another hour when our time was up.

Our boys also liked the arcade games. There were only a few, but they were fun.
You can see the restaurant through the windows in the game room.


The restaurant area of Doc Brundy’s.

Doc Brundy’s food is all made from scratch, even the ice cream. Their kitchen is also very allergy free as it is peanut free, and they will prepare any item gluten free for no extra charge.

The food was surprisingly good (we tried a salad and a burger) and they have specialty Italian sodas, which are refillable for just $3. There was also an amazing plate of pork nachos that is not to be missed. Our boys loved their kids meals, too. We want to go back next time and try ice cream.

The pork nachos were really good.
All of the food we ordered was good.
Our boys enjoyed their meals, too.

Duck Pin Bowling

The Duck Pin bowling looks like a great family activity.

Doc Brundy’s has Duck Pin Bowling instead of regular bowling lanes. We usually call this mini bowling because the balls and pins are smaller. They have 6 lanes with tables next to the lanes so you can eat while you bowl. These were quite busy, so we didn’t try out bowling on this visit. You can request a table and lane beforehand, which is probably a wise idea.

Tips for Families

Doc Brundy’s is a fun family adventure.

We had a great time and great food at Doc Brundy’s. Our boys are already begging to go back. There is a deal going on right now where a family can play for an hour in the game room for only $17.95. There is also a double time for regular price deal if you want to make it a date. Visit their website for more info.

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