Diamond Head State Monument

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The hike to Diamond Head is a popular trail on the island of Oahu. The trail is steep, hot, and so popular that it requires timed tickets to hike. Despite those drawbacks, it is a beautiful climb to the tip-top of the island to look out over the entire surrounding area of Honolulu. If you have the stamina for a steep hike, Diamond Head is a good trail.

Can you see Diamond Head in the background?

Diamond Head State Monument is its own little park. Without a timed ticket, though, you can’t enter because it is so popular. You can easily get tickets at this website, as long as you plan in advance. We saw several people turned away because they came without securing tickets in advance.

One nice thing about the tickets is, parking is not usually a problem. If you get through the gate, there is almost always a stall for you. Just down from the parking lot is a small information kiosk, restrooms, and a waterbottle filling station. Make sure to fill up, because the hike is hot and not shaded until you reach the tunnel.

There is a lot of shade and picnic tables at the start of the hike. We saw a bunch of mongooses here.

For us Utahns, Hawaii is decidedly green and lush. However, the Diamond Head trail was much drier than we expected. Most of the vegetation was yellow and reminded us of home. Still, we saw some animals including mongooses and several species of colorful birds.

Brazilian Cardinal
Tava Sparrow

The trail begins on a paved path and winds through the yellow grass, growing steeper and steeper. Narrow switchbacks allow two people to pass, but plan on hiking in a line, as two abreast won’t be able to pass hikers in the opposite direction. The hike to Diamond Head summit is 1.6 miles roundtrip and it is a climb the entire way to the top.

This trail is not lush and green like the rest of Hawaii.

After multiple switchbacks, you come to a small overlook. This looks back over the second highest point of the mountain. It is just a few steps off the main trail, and a great place to take a breather. From the overlook, the Diamond Head trail turns into a set of stairs. There are a lot of stairs, and then the stairs are followed by a dark tunnel. The tunnel is well-lit enough that you don’t need flashlights but dark enough that it is difficult to recognize other faces.

The trail is paved, but bumpy. There are also many switchbacks.
This is where you can take a break and enjoy the views.
You can look out into the distance and see other Hawaiian islands.

At the end of the tunnel, the trail splits into a counter-clockwise loop, so turn left and head up another staircase toward the summit. After that long stairway, turn right and you come to a sort of military lookout shelter. You can venture inside, but first, go all the way to the top summit up the last set of short stairs. This is the view you climbed that distance for.

So many stairs!!
The tunnel is a nice break from the hot sun.
The view of Waikiki is beautiful from the top of Diamond Head.
The water is a beautiful color.

When you’ve had your fill of the cool wind and the spectacular views, go back down the short stairs and enter the lookout. Toward the back, a tunnel and spiral staircase will take you down to the end of the loop. From there, you’ll descend the same way you came up. The trail is paved the entire way, but there are sections that are uneven, and because it is so steep, we would not recommend this for any type of wheels.

You have to squeeze into the lookout.
The spiral stairs are so cool.
Enjoy the views on the way down, too!

A visit to Diamond Head State Monument isn’t for everyone, but it is really nice hike for those who don’t mind a little climbing. It is also a trail that most Hawaii visitors like to check off their list. We loved visiting Oahu so much that we mad a list of our own. Check out our Things to do on Oahu for other ideas.

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