Deuel Creek Waterfall: South Fork Trail

Utah is home to so many beautiful waterfalls, and we were able to visit another one. Deuel Creek Waterfall is a 5 mile roundtrip hike that is rated as moderate. It climbs all the way to the falls, and there are a few scrambles, but our 7 year-old did just fine. Best of all, there is a mini-waterfall less than 0.4 miles up the trail that is accessible to everyone. You can shorten this trail by making that hike.

Hike Info

  • Rating: Moderate
  • Distance: 0.8 miles RT to 1st waterfall, 5.0 miles RT to second waterfall
  • Elevation Gain: 1300 feet
  • Fees: none
  • Dog Friendly: Yes
  • Tips: Hike during the week


There are two trails to Deuel Creek Waterfall, and both are about the same distance. We took the South Fork Trail because we heard it was less steep. The trailhead is located in Centerville, and the last half mile of the road is pretty rough. We were fine in our van, and there were cars in the parking lot, but you need to be a good driver or have some clearance to get there.

This sign is on the far east side of the parking are and the trail starts here.


The trail is beautiful in the spring. It is green and shaded almost all the way. You even cross a dozen little foot bridges as the trail stays right near the creek the entire hike. Our boys enjoyed hiking along, putting their hands in the water, and dropping sticks off of the bridges. It was really nice just to be along the trail. This trail may be muddy in early Spring, and we did encounter some mud, but nothing we couldn’t go around. It’s best done May or later.

We hiked in May and the flowerse were so pretty along the trail.
This trail is fun even without waterfalls because it follows the creek the entire time.
There are 12 little bridges along this trail. It’s like little boy heaven.
It was nice to be right next to the water!

First Waterfall (easy hike)

After less than a half mile, the trail turns and climbs up a rocky face. It was a bit of a scramble, but not too much for a healthy hiker. As you come around the rock, a small cascade rushes down at your feet. (There are a few steep dropoffs on this hike, but we never felt unsafe.) This first waterfall would be a perfect destination if you’d like to make this hike short and sweet. Turn around here to make the hike about .75 miles.

This is the trickiest part to the first waterfall. You have to scramble across this rocky face.
The first waterfall is rushing in the Spring.

We continued on the trail to a second waterfall. A bit farther into the hike, the North Fork Trail joins the South Fork Trail, so this could be done as a loop, though you’d need someone to move the car, as the trailheads are at different parking lots. Be careful to take the correct trail on the way back from the waterfall. We recommend going out and back along the South Fork Trail.

The trail is a consistent uphill climb the entire time.

Rope Swing

After about a mile and a half, the trail opens up and a swing is set up. This is a real swing, connected high in the tree, and it is sturdy. Someone has tied a strap that can hold a car, so it is safe as long as you don’t fall off. To the left of the trail is a large rock. If you climb on the rock, straddle the rope swing, and jump, you get a very nice ride. Our boys did the swing several times, and each time was as fun as the first. We spent around a half hour just swinging and laughing.

The rope swing hangs right in the middle of the trail, so you can’t miss it.
Our 7 year-old really wanted to go first.
Mom even took a swing.
Dad went the highest!

Second Waterfall

Another half mile up the trail you come to a sign that says you’ve come 1.5 miles. We found this marker to be incorrect, at least from the South Fork Trail. According to our trail tracker, it was located 2 miles from the trailhead. (Incidentally, that is why many sites have this hike listed at 4 miles. We are convinced it is 5 miles according to our All Trails tracker. We even restarted it going back down to double check and got the same distance).

The trail is mostly shady and never leaves the creekside.
This sign says 1.5 miles, but we think it is actually a 2.0 mile marker from the South trailhead.
There were a few muddy sections in May, but we easily navigated through them.

The trail continues to wind up and down along the creek for another 0.7 miles until the second waterfall finally comes into view on the left. It is a nice cascade that comes right off the cliff face. You can access the waterfall from either the top or the bottom. It is nice to sit on the rocks and look down on the waterfall, but even nicer to climb up into the spray. We made sure to have a snack, too!

There are some steeper climbs as you get closer to the waterfall.
The second waterfall is taller than the first, and you can stand below it, above it, and right next to it.
We walked up to the top of the Deuel Creek Waterfall.
The hike down was quick because it’s all down hill, and it was just as pretty.


The trek back to the car is easy because it is all downhill. Make sure to stay to the left when the trail branches. The right trail goes to Deuel Creek North Trailhead. We took about three hours to complete this hike including time at the waterfall and thirty minutes for the swing. Deuel Creek Waterfall is a new family favorite hike!

If you’d like to read more about Utah’s Waterfalls, we have a list of great hikes and a printable list for you here.

Directions to Deuel Creek South Fork Trailhead:

  • From the 1-15, take exit 319 and head east toward the mountains.
  • Follow up the hill making sure to stay straight.
  • Turn right on 400 E.
  • Turn left onto 100 S.
  • Turn left onto Firebreak Rd. There is no sign, but it is a dirt road and there is a junction to go left or right. Head right and it’s a steep climb up a dirt hill.
  • Follow around to the left and you will see a wide parking area and a trailhead sign.
  • We were able to put Deuel Creek South Trail Head into Google Maps on our phone and it took us right there.
Make sure to look up right around where the north and south trails meet. You’ll see a flag up on the rock!

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