Dairy Keen (The Train Place) in Heber

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We were in Heber City a week or so ago around dinnertime. We’d noticed Dairy Keen before and committed to try it. This restaurant is themed around trains, so we thought we might try it for our boys.

Our boys were thrilled with the trains at this restaurant.

I’ll start with the food. It’s fast food, so expect burgers, fries, and shakes. We really liked the buns for the burgers, and our kids loved the kids meals. There are a ton of choices though, so you can really find anything to eat here. The shakes are delicious, too! The point of visiting Dairy Keen in Heber City is not for the best food in town, but for the experience of the train restaurant.

In front of the restaurant are the train tables. You can sit on the train, which has tables, though you may be a little cramped because it is kid-sized. Inside the restaurant, you’ll find a Harry Potter Hogwarts Express model. The train runs back and forth if you put a quarter in the slot, but the cool part is the scavenger hunt. There is a paper on top of the display case has a list of items to look for from the Harry Potter series. Across the way is a train table the kids can play at (there is a Lego table, too).

The train tables to eat on outside are super fun!
There was definitely more playing than eating going on.
This train display has a fun scavenger hunt. Our boys really enjoyed searching for all of the items.
We loved that our boys were entertained while we ate.

Our baby was also fascinated by the train that runs around a track in the ceiling of the restaurant. It goes through tunnels, down a pint-sized Heber City Main Street, and past local landmarks like Deer Creek and Jordanelle Reservoirs.

We love watching the train circle the restaurant while we eat.

The boys were excited because each meal comes with a prize, and today it was a train operator’s hat. Our kids wanted to return to the restaurant before they were even hungry again. If you’ve got a train lover in your family, take them to The Train Place (Dairy Keen) in Heber City. It’s located at 200 S Main Street, Heber City.

Tips for Families

  • This restaurant is always busy, so plan on fighting someone for a table!
  • Make sure to plan a little extra time for playing at this restaurant.
  • Bring a quarter for the Harry Potter train.



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  1. Emily

    If you guys ever happen to be in Kansas City there is a restaurant called Fritz’s. Your food is served to you by a train the races around the restaurant on a track above the tables. When the train gets to your table, it delivers your food on a tray. It is seriously awesome.

    There should definitely be more train restaurants in the world…