Courthouse Wash Panel | Arches National Park

The Courthouse Wash Panel in Arches is a small group of petroglyphs that are visible from the highway in Moab. Though they can be seen from the car, the view isn’t good, and it isn’t safe to stop as there is no place to pullover. Luckily, a very short hike of only about a half-mile roundtrip will take you to where you can see this historic panel up close.

Locals have known about the Courthouse Wash Panel for a long time, but it was new to us, and we’ve been to Moab dozens of times. As you enter Moab and cross Courthouse Wash, the road turns right before the Colorado River. The petroglyphs are up on the east side of the road. To access them, you’ll park in the small parking lot to the north. Just before you cross the wash, there is a parking lot exactly at mile-marker 129. There’s a large sign to mark this area. The sign says, “Moab Again and Again,” and is a popular biking parking lot.

This is the sign and mile marker to watch for.

After parking in the lot, hop on the bike path going south toward Moab. Make sure to stay to the right as you cross the wash on the bridge as bikers come in both directions. Just past the bridge, a trail goes down to the left toward the trees. This trail is a bit steep as it drops down to water level, but it is plenty safe. From the bike trail, you can see that the trail drops down and turns right. From there, it climbs as it parallels the road to the south. It’s an easy climb up to the base of the petroglyph panel.

The trail begins right here by the parking lot.
Head down the bike path toward the city of Moab.
Cross the bridge.
On the other side of the bridge, take the dirt trail down the hill.
Follow the path.
There are signs to help you along the way.
It is a little bit of a climb up to the panel.

Once you reach the end of the climb, keep and eye out on your left. It is about 50 yards to the base of the panel, and the trail is undefined, but there is an information plaque that you can’t miss if you are watching for it. This sign marks the Courthouse Wash panel and shows you what to look for. The petroglyphs are quite amazing and appear to be in different colors, which we found unique.

Watch for the sign up above you.
The panel is above this sign.
There are some interesting figures.
We liked that they had different colors.

As with all petroglyphs, stay behind the sign and enjoy them from a distance. Do not make any scratches or makes to show you’ve been there. Just make the short walk back to the car when you are finished enjoying them.

Courthouse Wash Panel is actually located in Arches National Park, although this is not in the main entrance area of the park. It’s an easy trail, so we have added it to our Arches Kid Hikes, which have all of the family-friendly trials in the park.

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