Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

We had an amazing adventure today at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. This park is located in the southwest corner of Utah near Zion National Park. It is pretty remote, and most of the people there are either just having a look, or riding ATVs. We were doing neither.


We went to play in the sand, which is not so much coral pink as it is burnt orange. In the small Visitor’s Center, they even have a display called “Sands from Around the World” with hundreds of tiny bottles of sand of all different colors, and Coral Pink sand is definitely unique.

The sand goes on forever!
There are many different colors of sand.

When we got out into the sand, we were especially impressed. The sand is as soft and fine as sugar, and of course, the boys were in heaven. We had packed a few sand toys like shovels and pails, and we tried to rent a wooden sand board for sledding, but they were all out. Still we had a great time playing.

You walk on this trail to an overlook. From there you can hike down into the sand.
This is the overlook. You could just play right here if you don’t want to walk far from your car or the bathrooms. The sand was just as soft.

One amazing thing about the sand was that it was moist and cool just a few inches down. We wondered if this was a springtime phenomenon as we were at the park in early April. We’d dig just a bit, and the sand would be perfect for cooling your toes. It was just moist enough that you could pack it into a pail and it would hold its shape perfectly when you tipped it out.

Mom and Dad were happy to bury our toes in the cool sand and watch the boys play.
We started out by burying our feet.
Soon, we buried each other a lot deeper.
Soon, we buried each other a lot deeper.
We had a lot of fun just digging in the sand.
The boys also made sand angels and rolled in the sand.

Later, we made friends with some campers (there is a nice campground at the park) who let us borrow a sandboard. We had a great time riding down the dunes. It is very much like sledding on snow except there is a more abrupt stop at the bottom.

Sledding was definitely the highlight. Make sure to bring a sled.
Crashing was fun, too!
There was a huge dune right in front of us and a large family group came with their own sleds.
We saw dirt bikes and 4-wheelers while we were at Coral Pink Sand Dunes.

Next time you are in the area of Zion, take the extra 45 minutes driving time and head to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park!

Tips for Families:

  • Take sand toys if you have them available. We had a few shovels and pails and one car, all of which got plenty of use.
  • Take your own sled, but it needs to be wood or plastic. The sled we borrowed in Coral Pink was made of wood, which is pretty durable, and we waxed after every other use. We used plastic saucers in White Sands National Park, and waxed often, and they worked great. The wax is KEY!
  • Take hats and sunscreen. Even during the first week of April it was plenty hot in this part of the state. It must be a furnace in July!
  • Wear sunglasses. Sand dunes are formed by the wind. It was constantly wind, but there were sudden gusts now and then, and a slight breeze most of the time. The sunglasses kept the sand out of our eyes.
  • Wear flip-flops. The sand wasn’t unbearably hot (in April), but there are some rocky places as you are walking out to the dunes. The flip-flops were nice for the journey, even though you take them off as soon as you get there.
  • Take a bathroom break right when you pull into the parking lot. There is a nice restroom and then you can buy a little time before you have to hike back to the bathrooms.
We loved the beauty and softness of the Coral Pink Sand Dunes sand.

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  1. Savannah Saluone

    Your destination reviews are SO helpful for families, thank you! You mentioned how important it is to use wax on the sleds. Is there a specific type of wax or brand that you recommend using?

    1. Natalie Ockey

      We just used wax that the Visitor Center had, so I’m not sure what would be the best type.

  2. ad65shorty

    This is our favorite place to visit when we’re in St. George!